AI Forced Retreat at Certain % of Troops Remaining

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*Search negative (though I am surprised and may have missed something)

Chasing 5 or 10 suicidal calvary and/or a single lord around the battlefield after 100 of his troops have already been killed or fled is very immersion breaking and just downright annoying. Would it be difficult to code in a hard retreat for ALL troops one a side is: 1. down to a certain percentage of overall troops (i.e. 10% remaining) AND 2. the opposing side outnumbers them by a certain multiple (i.e. more than 2 to 1)?

These 2 simple conditions will stop unnecessary retreats when BOTH sides are down to low percentage but battle is still winnable and will stop the idiocy of "brave" troops taking an additional 2 to 5 minutes to suicide themselves in blatantly unwinnable conditions.
Seriously? I am the only player who is tired of chasing down last 5 cavalry units and/or the Lord leading the army when ALL other troops are running for the hills? Or is it that this is just such a known issue that nobody felt the need to comment?
The retreat mechanic is dumb and not fun. fight 12 looters you kill 3 or 4 and the rest run before the battle even begins. Its like the retreat mechanic is there just to have it in the game rather than fun or immersion.


Lack of immersion... You know a soldier brave enough to fight after 100's have died is nothing "immersion breaking," besides I do it, things go sour but I know I can still pull off a win and keep going at it with the enemy. As for the looters, they are not proper soldiers so to the one guy: killing 3-5 thugs of 15 and seeing the rest run... That is kinda what thugs do when you smack em hard. Soldiers are another matter. Not sure what is happening in your games but I see enemies fleeing early on, middle and late battle for both sides. Once the battle is pretty well decided I always see chains of troops running for the hills in usually 2 directions, maybe three. Sometimes it is just a "murder death kill" battle where both sides grind each other down to a fine paste before one side runs like heck. So again, not sure about you but the "retreat" function is working when I play against the AI, sometimes it stands and just FIGHTS to the DEATH and other times it just breaks and runs. Quite varied really.

I will also say that I have noticed the "quality" of the troops matter to, the higher tier they are the less likely they are to run, almost always I see the "recruits" running first while the "veterans" duke it out.
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