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This issue was from 1.1.0 I haven't played 1.2.0 yet (FYI).

So I have had this many times now, that the moment I die in a battle my entire army decides to break any formations I have made prior to dying. For instance if I have my archers elevated on terrain behind infantry with cavalry flanking to protect from enemy cavalry - the moment I die the infantry and archers combine into one blob and quite often the archers don't even fire. I had one battle where my army completely stopped doing anything and so did the enemy army (Link to accompanying image).

I get that when you die for realism sake you can't still be telling your guys what to do, but I think if the realism was there your soldiers or officers/ companions should be a bypass to you being able to still control your men via them. It can be extremely frustrating watching your vastly superior army get crushed because they just throw all the units at the enemy without using the archers or cavalry correctly.

Also, there is an issue where the same formation looks different throughout the battle. For instance I usually do the double F3 formation for my archers (spread out) but at the start of the battle it's 2 lines quite well spaced out for maximum archer coverage. But then sometimes the same formation will be a massive blob of spaced out archers of like 8x8 instead of 2x32. I only just thought of this so I do not have a picture to show you unfortunately. Just issues with formations sometimes.

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I don't think TheAngriestBrit is the only one that was having the issue. This was just a problem with the AI. I think it has improved in 1.4.2 where the archers aren't always just charging head on instead of shooting like they are supposed to, however its hit or miss. Sometimes they do what they are supposed to and sometimes they seem to still charge ahead.
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