NW Completed [AI] Event Thursday 100 vs 100 [AI]

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[AI] Event Thursday 100 vs 100 [AI]
Armèe Italienne is proud to present this Thursday Line Battle Event​
Important Information:

- The LineBattle will be all Thursday.
- The Battle will start at 19:00 GMT + 1 (18:00 GMT).
- You and your regiment must be into the server 15 Min before the start 18:45 GMT + 1 (17:45 GMT).
- We will post the server on the second post, with the battle info.
- You will receive the Password via Steam at 18:00 GMT + 1 (17:00 GMT).
- You must have in Steam the following Contacts Colonnello William.
- Dont abuse or Spam in the chat game, if you have some problems, or want to tell us something, please do it in steam.

General Rules:
- All members must wear the TAG and the BANNER of his regiment, otherwise they will be kicked from the server.
- All except artillery must join another line when they number 3 or less, Cavalry must dismount.
- No Teamkilling.
- No Ramboing.
- No Trolling.
- No Abusive Behaviour.
- No Spamming.
- Obey the Admins.
- No Glitching.
- No Prolonging the round.
- Firing on the charge IS ALLOWED.
- Each Team will have 100 Points for Sapper.

Now you know all the details, if you want go to our battle, you have to fill up this Form.

Regiment Name:
Number of Soldiers:
Preferred Nation:
Class Type:
Steam Name:
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