AI Economy, Garrisons (+economy?), Lords abilities, Siege & Crenels & Shields, Cavalry, etc

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Some facts I'm experiencing while playing 1.8.0 (some in previous versions too, whatever...)

Economy :
General remark :
AI is unable to support the weight of war, after about 5 years of game-time, checking in the encyclopedia, almost all clans are poor, and only able to raise pityful parties.
They end doing like the minor clans (for those it occurs earlier lol) : attacking caravans and retreating because they get owned by the caravan...

Castles :
I read another thread and I decided to give my opinion.
Clans who start with a castle : I don't know for you (players), but for me a castle is a financial weight, I keep them only if I have enough money, if it's a strategic one and that the AI is not able to keep it once and for all. So I think that at the start some clans are already penalized.

Garrisons (+economy) :
I don't know how the AI who start with towns manage it, seems to work more or less well (since they usually end poor...).
I am the ruler. I take a town, before giving it, I keep it a bit to put a governor, improve it, raise Loyalty, and garrison it well so as to prevent the town to be retaken by the ennemy as soon as I turn my back :smile:
What I have noticed : as soon as you give the town to a lord - and I do things well, since I give that lord money so that he becomes rich or very rich - there is that damn "party / payment size reach" - So I break my ass to provide decent troops and as soon as the town is no longer mine, it starts to empty from its garrison although I gave money to the lord so that he can pay for it.
So, the town is garrisonned, the lord has the money, where is the problem?

So about the economy, AI needs - like already said elsewhere - to be able to run caravans, have shop, any mean to at least keep an average wealth, allowing it to raise and maintain armies.
Second, that would be nice to have a message, when you give troops for a garrison to be advertised BEFORE we give those troops, if they will be kept or if we are going to see the damn "party / payment size reach -20" AFTER we gave the troops (I'm not dumb seeing that message, I keep my troops or I give them somewhere they won't be wasted).

Also about economy, maybe the ladies who have no fighting skills could be a bit improved to get a few governor perks, allowing them to improve revenues, reduces garrison wages, etc... (I know it works lol, I do it using Character Manager, no need to boost all skills to max, picking among, even Athletics, Roguery, Scouting, Steward, Trade - at a good level, around 200 - there are perks improving production in village, perks with bonus for loyalty, etc, etc, that could for sure help AI's wealth).

Lords abilities :
If you look with CharacterManager - for example, or any working character editor - you can notice how lords are built : for example, 160 Athletics, with 1 focus point and 3 in Vigor. You can imagine the disability to raise that skill - which is particularly disabling for Battanian lords (they spend their life walking, and they'll never get a damn point in Athletics for all the game long.
And that's the same for almost all of their skills, clearly meaning that they won't never evolve, I wonder if it's a dev's will?

Siege & crenels & Shields :
Like in all fights in Bannerlord, the player - except to get hit and hurt - doesn't exist for the AI :
Siege & crenels :
You are in a siege, defending, you take place at a crenel, the AI doen't detect you, there is always a morron ally that comes and pushes you or places himself between you and your target. Now I shoot them-up, fed-up of that. But killing our allies is not the goal...
I do not think it is too much complicated to have the player's slot (occupied place on the rampart) known by the AI and not send an idiot annoying us while we try to aim an ennemy :smile: - since clearly our troops take place into defined locations.
Shields :
The damn shields with the damn auto-block, thanks !!! Or the guy that you hit, has LUCKYLY AND BEHIND HIM a fellow who has a shield... guess what ? I hear the noise of a weapon hitting a shield... Strangely I never have benefit of my allies to not receive a hit, so that would be cool a bit of EQUITY. For the AI, one shield protects 5 men lol, seek for the mistake ! :smile:
The cavalry , your cavalry has also that huge talent of passing between you and your target, making you miss, but the target, doesn't miss you.

Calvary :
Cavalry should be used to make accurate tactical moves, and always look for launching a devastating charge.
At the moment, once the battle is engaged they become crappy skirmishers that go here and there and kill your archers behind the lines, sorry that's not how middle-age cavalry works.
That also means that cavalry might not be usable in every engagement, not making it useless for all that.
Two riders who bump into each other : the horses are wounded - let us say at least stunned - the riders fall on the ground.
Trafic congestion : in battles with a lot of cavalry (and also HA), after a bit of time, it is impossible to move among the empty horses lol ! BTW I think the main strategy of HA is to create the trafic congestion rather than anything else intelligent...

Cavalry are the most prestigious units of the game, but it is not justified at all - I don't use it any longer. Not before it is more realistic and requires tactical and strategic management, at the moment it is just luxurious cannon fodder.

Finishing with traits :
I am still as frigthened when I see lords with the "gallant", "kind" traits, raping villages, caravans, and villagers. With me and the mod Righteous Execution - when it will work again, and provide my humor, there my be retaliation :smile:
That behaviour should impact the traits of the lord / player, with maybe some perks in Roguery to allow the player (or some PNJ) to play the assassin without the game becoming unplayable due to penalties...

See you. Thanks for your time if you reached the end :smile:
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