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I would like some more setting and context to the game start.


Who is all these persons we learn to know as the game progresses? Let us attach to them, let their personality and relations(not only to my clan) matter and have concequences.

For example,
  • Let recent events or accomplichment matter, in dialogue, like in warband, let them comment or recent battles/sieges/marriages/duels etc of yours with a chance to gain or loose relation/reknown depending on whether they are friends or enemies whith whoever you defeated/married etc.
  • Bring back the "What can we do increase our status within the realm" - quests to make new friends and enemies within the faction.
  • Give AI a chance to play on their traits and execute a captured enemy who they hate
  • Tiny opinion bonus(1-3) with all other clans fighting in same battle when victorious.
  • Tiny opinion malus(1-3) with all other clans fighting in same battle when loosing.
  • Opinion malus(2-5) with all enemy clans fighting in same battle on other side when victorious.


It feels quite random, some are extremly skilled, some are the opposite, extremly unskilled. This breaks and ruins the gameplay progress and rythm. AI Clans becomes less and less skilled with each generation while the player goes the opposite route

By far, too skilled. Why? He is the younger brother of the player. He starts at lvl 22, player at lvl 1. We access him when we reach clanlevel 1 - very early in game! He is by far too good to utilize. Immerssion breaking that he is so much better than the player, Why would he be loyal to his crappy siblings? Hard to improve and form.

Suggestion: Make him lvl 5-10 or something like that.

Younger brother and sister
We access them later than brother, sister is adult about 240 days in game, younger brother about 400 days into the game. They are worse than the player on day 1.

Suggestion: Make them on-par with level 5-10

AI clans
Clan-leaders - especially senior story-related rulers and primary vassal charachters shuold be skilled. Members should range from maybe level 5-15. Charachters are generally equally skilled across the board, with a few exeptions(0 skills or close). Why? The wanderers are the oposite, they have a few skills they prioritize, rest is low.
Senior skilled members should be married. Younger should be less skilled. Idle AI clanmembers should focus on some areas and passively gain XP there, on daily tick.

Suggestion: Give AI a few high skills and the rest alot lower. Would give specialized lords that would and could improve during their life.
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AI Clans
AI Charachter setting is directly bad, actually AI clans - as a "human" collective, is never as strong as they are on day 1. As soon as the first quality lord dies or the player snaps a spouse, they will never reach the initial strenght again. They badly needs a makeover. Lower initial clan-levels, lower initial charachter skills, higher improvement potential, higher "grooming" and caring for junior clanmembers/children.

This change would make AI clans grow alongside player clan. It would also make AI parties smaller and AI partycount lower. Start-setting would be more static, abit less wars maybe as holding-strenght would count for more(if that´s even considered!). Player would feel less stressed to quickly come on par with AI to not idely watch a steamrolling faction ruin their game-setting.
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