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I remain HERE... looking and waiting ...

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Waldzios said:
Dogukan said:
I dont understand why its taking so long though. Is it just modelling/texture issues or are they also making like gameplay/feature changes?
It is just life issues  :wink:, our free time is limited  :sad:, we can't spend much time working on the mod lately, so the work speed is much lower than we all would want it to be  :neutral:.
Maybe it would be good to release the armor in a download as sort of a "teaser" to what is to come? It would keep everyone's interest up. 
Hello :smile:
If this awesome mod is stil alive I may join as tester if it is posible.
The Age of Change I was an amaizing mod, so I hope this would be also awesome
5 years since my first post in this thread, just checking in to see the progress of this mod. :3
An armor pack would be nice. It's the least you could do. Everytime I see that 16th century black armor it just makes me want it even more. Don't even worry about writing a notepad file with the item id's. We can do that with Morgh's tools.  Just throw the brf files and the textures in a folder, zip it up, and upload.

You could upload them all separately by country or time period, or you could just upload them all together.

Trust me, it will give everyone who's been on this thread for 5 years a new sense of hope. And like the other guy said above me it would be a great teaser for the whole thing.
True.  Then again, of all we know these guys could pull a Brytenwalda and suddenly release a much better, paid DLC for Warband.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind that. Would explain why they're holding on to the armours.
I think, think that I've seen some of the armors and weapons previewed here in a preview of Melee: Battlegrounds, a project in which Zimke is now involved.

So yeah, I think they shifted their focus to that. Shame for this, but good luck to them, Melee: Battlegrounds looks grand.
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