Again with the persuade lord/recruit lord topic


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I know there's been a couple of posts regd. this allready like these two:,234638.0.html,228964.0.html

Among others - but I don't think there's any decent answers here and I've discovered a tiny little detail that might be a bug involved too. First some backdrop:

As usual I am having huge problems recruiting lords (not the rabble but the ones u want) - too much problems imho - it's basically the only thing stopping me from steamrolling calradia by now and it's getting annoying. So far I have used the following method. Kick one kingdoms arse, capture and release lords after battle for the relationship boost (those with appropriate personality that is - it's jailtime for the rest). Often I go for their estate too. Then when their kingdom is in the gutter, they don't care much for their current king I ask them to join me and offer them their old estate as the joining gift. This seems to give the best result but It's not always possible to do it this way.

So now I am trying to recruit a new lord - and I will list the relevant stats/conditions.

M&B v: 1.153
Diplomacy v: 4.2

Target: Boyar Ralcha, Vaegirs - I've more or less beaten them to a pulp.
Relationship with me: 100
Relationship with liege: 35
No fiefs
Offered him the town of Ichamur if he would join me.

Recruitment method/recruiter Used the persuade Lord minister menu (Nizar minister). Messenger: Artmennier with persuation - 10.

Player stats:
Renown 1915
Honour 207
Right to rule 99 (seems to cap there)

And my faction is currently the second largest in the game.

Note: Answer comes from king Yaroglek, not Ralcha. Now this is a bug I guess. But is it just a typo, or is it a more problematic bug - as in I am actually trying to recruit the king and not Ralcha...? If so no wonder it fails. This bug does not always appear but seems to be there when they refuse...

Anyways it seems to be way to hard to recruit vassals - I have plenty of targets with high disposition towards me 75+ and low disposition towards their king 10-30 and no land, still no way they are joining me... It's starting to feel gamebreaking. Any GOOD tips on this? Is the minister option bad and I should manually try to recruit? Artmenniers persuation is way higher than mine as I have groomed him for this line of work (amongst other duties).

I play this game during vacations so my last stint was this summer. Back then I believe I came over a post detailing how to tweak this to make it easier but I can't find it again - it might have been a part of the floris pack but I haven't found anything about it there today. So tell me what to do allready. Othervise I really enjoy the mod BTW :smile:



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I could be mistaken, but I thought I saw somewhere that there are some lords/personalities that will basically never abandon their king while he still rules.


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Wow has it been 7 years allready... Well with almost 700 views and one reply I guess I'll never get an answer. I stopped my game after this. Mostly because I was satisfied. I found no way to keep recruiting lords and I was superior in terms of military power so I just stopped. Haven't played since - 7 - years fly by don't they. Figured I'd do a new install and I will use the updated diplomacy mod. Let's see if there are any changes...