After Recent Update My Wife Is Not Getting Pregnant. Period.

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She is in my party. We have been married for an in game year and a half. No pregnancy. No babies. No babies=no heirs. No heirs=downfall of my inevitable rise to ultimate "god emperor" hood. Is this a bug?


Mine is very reliable getting pregnant each time we spend some quality time together with "board games" - guess thats how it was called before netflix was invented 😁


lol this game is getting so weird now

lay off the beer, cheese and butter: stick to meat and grains, olives, wine. lol


I got the same problem other way around, playing a female character, I married Fiarad (a minor Battanian Noble).

At first I thougt it works like with my male character before, I can do whatever I want, my heroine will get magically pregnant at some point.

Now I took Fiarad to my party, still nothing happened.
Now some friends of mine told me, that I should just wait at a town for a while until my heroine gets pregnant.
I hope that helps, since she's 33 now, time is running short...

Or is there a known bug like that female player characters can't get pregnant or **** like that?
The waifu getting pregnant defo not an issue in my current plathrough lol
To be fair she has been in my party the whole time which does make me laugh as she comes into battle while preggers.
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