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Vaelius Noctu

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I am Start with my Hero Import from Native and see The Vaegirs Siege Castle Knudar from the Nords and left only >50 Man in the Castle. I Searched a Caravan from the Vaegir and attack them, break the attack and attack them too. With my good -10 Points I Siege Castle Knudar an founding my Empire.

The Vaegirs come from time to time hold there Castle Back, but the Nord an I hold the Territory. The Nord now Siege Tilbaut and break the Siege to hunt a Vaegir Lord. I siege the Rest of the Defenders an Recruit two Vassals, give them the Order too Patrol around Tilbout. I level Troops an hunt Vaegir Lords. Some time later I have some "Guests" in my lovely Castle Knudar one Lord then two, the King an in a Good Time ten Lords an the King. With my troops and two Vassals I Siege Dramug and Yruma Castle Recruit two more Vassals and let them Patrol around Castle Dramug and Yruma. The Vaegirs attack me an some more Lords goes in my "Guestrooms" in Castle Knudar.

With my four Vassals I Siege Reyvadin Level Troops and Hunt Vaegir Lords. Its a hard Work but only four Lords of the Vaegirs remain. With my Troops and some Vassals I Siege the Castles Bulugha and Szlezkh. Its costs time to heal the Wounds and I hunt the Rest of the Vaegir Lords and stuck them in the Towers of Reyvadin.

My Vassals dislike me also i give them all the Castles every Vassal one make quests for them an then I Siege the City of Khudan and the Castles Radoghir, Nelag and Ismirala. The new Vassals don't like me too and I make some quests and give them Fiefs. With a Hand full Loyal Vassals I Siege the City of Rivacheg. Only one City the Vaegir Faction remains and its costs some time to regenerate my Vassals and level new troops.

At last I Siege Curaw with only three Vassals and give the rest of my Castles to my Vassals to make them Happy. But they dislikes me although. Only quests helps good.

Some Days later the massage comes on my Screen a Faction was defeat and in my City Reyvadin in the Dungeon the King and his twenty Vassals have their evening of life. It costs me -33 Honor but now Nobody pay for them.

I hope my English is better now.^^


The troops I use was the Teutonic Elite Picmans, some Nord Berserk (good for battle in City's with Picmans on there site), some other Teutonic and Templar Units but no Bowman or Crossbowmans. And very few Cavalry Units from the Teutonic and Templers. In Siege battles I place them in my City's or take them down in the Troop menu.


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please help me! i captured the asugan castle from vaegirs. i recruited new lord. Then the vaegirs came back and captured that castle back. then my vassal switched from my kingdom to khergit and now i still have 1 vassal. when i try to recruit new lord it says that i have too little territory. how i can delete that current vassal? Thanks if u help!