advice or opinons on character creation for roleplay purposes

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hello i am new to the forms and been a fan of M&b since the original game first came out love warband too
anyway ive played a little into solid and shade and absolutly love it fantastic mod to the mod creator
i love roleplaying and adding storys to my character and wanted to opinions on my choices for role play purposes maybe even write a story on the forms with it?

his final stats after the background multiple choices are
str 9
agi 6
int 6
cha 6

and his choices were male his father was a stepp nomad
he became step child who as a young adult became a seer
and left due to being forced outta his home

and i thought of since the final choice hes enemys of swadia what if lady isolla is my characters mother
and the stepp  nomad father was killed when  lady isolla was "exiled" and now my character
wants revenge on swadia or (the king atleast)
his name is Strexis i would like to know if this sounds like a decent starting plot?

i really would like to know and maybe write a story on here about it im not the best writer im a collage student graphic artist but would like to try it out as i said i love roleplaying and havent tried writing much like this i think it would be fun
(ill keep it all in one topic)

if this is in the wrong secion of the forms please moderators bump it and let me know where it goes so i dont put this in the wrong section in the future if this is in the right area even better i thought it would be best here since this is solid and shade oriented
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Hey and welcome! IMO, your starting character looks interesting, and I love reading stories that other players write. Put it in Gameplay Experiences, and if you have any questions, go to the discord and ask for Maul, our most active member, or N0ught, the modder and "captain of this ship of the damned".

Enjoy! :twisted: :twisted: