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Advanced Troop management suggestion for Taleworlds or mod creators

Would you use an option to leave troops in a camp or Tavern temporarily?

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A suggestion I have is being able to leave a portion of your troops in a place that you don't own. Say: a town or second party or temporary camp. It would make dropping troops to catch a bandit group less of a financial decision... or the same with getting away from a chasing party if you could choose which troops you want to sacrifice early.
It sucked in Warband when you would "sacrifice" and it took your huscarls instead of recruits or when you drop those recruits you just picked up because you can't catch those 8 deserters as they run faster than you now.
I know this is available if you own a town or castle in Warband, but if you're not near there or are in early game where dumping men hurts more and you don't have a fief then this option will really help preserve troops.
I also have seen that you can have more than one party in your clan, but there are still problems with that if they're not close or able to take your men.

I imagine that implementing this would mean you can leave up to 10 men in a city tavern(wait here for me) or build a camp in the field over a small amount of time before leaving some men behind to chase after your target. You could limit this to a single instance so the player can't just leave reinforcements everywhere. The men would and should still be on your expenses report too.
One could also make a "rear guard" temporary party that intercepts the chasers in a delaying action on the campaign map. It may not be realistic to add this if you want the NPC lords to have the same capabilities as the player without adding a lot of man-hours to the campaign map AI.

I'll leave the decision as to whether it's worth including up to the people that have a better idea of how long it would take to add.

Thank you for the consideration!


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I don't recall the specifics, but some of the 2018 gamescon demos did show something like leaving troops in a friendly town or with companion in a town. It wasn't the point of what they were showing so it wasn't explored but I do think something like this will exist. I'd like to see something like rear guards and pursuers/trackers too.
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