Advanced Soldier Tree / Commander Mod for Veteran Players

Just for the hell of it: Which of the new factions are you most looking forward to seeing? (see the

  • Laertean Empire

    Votes: 18 12.3%
  • Sphere of Azathoth

    Votes: 15 10.3%
  • Kingdom of Segimer

    Votes: 9 6.2%
  • Abydan Empire

    Votes: 6 4.1%
  • Decimus Peregrinus

    Votes: 21 14.4%
  • Kingdom of Asgard

    Votes: 47 32.2%
  • Shumisen Empire

    Votes: 16 11.0%
  • Satyrnian Confederation

    Votes: 14 9.6%

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Johnny Morphine

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Now that's what I call siege defense. Poor bastard.

Advanced Soldier Tree / Commander Mod for Veteran Players

Alternate download 1:

Alternate download 2:

New ASTCM Video by LoboRundas:

The following segment contains requested information pertaining to the upcoming second release of ASTCM.
For information on the CURRENT release of this mod, skip to the following section titled "Key Features of the Current Release"

Planned Factions for the Sequel:

  • The Laertean Empire
    • One of the two original factions in this mod's history. Regularly at war with the Sphere of Azathoth.
    • Represents what the Roman Legions might have looked like had they survived for another thousand years or so.
    • Strictly ordered culture rooted in discipline and authority.
    • Religion is polytheistic and based on Classical Mythology.
    • Units:
      • Specializes in heavy phalanx infantry
      • Cavalry consists of heavily-armored commanders on light, quick horses
      • Ranged units are expert riflemen
    • Also acquire a class of slaves through their own ransom brokers.

    • Pictured: Laertean Marksman, Phalanx Commander, and Infiltrator.

      The Laerteans rely on their strong Phalanx to push their line forward, and to form a steel defensive wall when necessary. Meanwhile their riflemen can pick off enemies at a distance, while their fast, armored cavalry can make split-second maneuvers and outflank the enemy.

      The Infiltrators are a the Laerteans' special forces: they can protect the flank of a phalanx line on the field, or control the streets with their strength and adaptability.
  • The Sphere of Azathoth
    • The second of ASTCM's original factions. In constant defense of their territory against the encroaching Laerteans.
    • More of a free society than their rival counterparts, but a religious hierarchy is established.
    • Religion is polytheistic and based on Lovecraftian Mythology.
    • Units:
      • Specialize in heavily-armored, slow-moving infantry. Far batter at holding ground than taking it.
      • Ranged units employ ancient flamethrower technology in addition to some other fire-based throwing weapons, and some limited use of rockets. These soldiers are the faction's commanders
      • Cavalry is slow and heavy, but maneuverable. Heavily armored, riding specially-trained war goats.
      • No regular units in this faction use shields.
    • For additional recruitment, the Sphere of Azathoth can convert prisoners into hybrid troops by depositing them into a fief with a specific improvement built.

    • Pictured: Azathoth Destroyer and Azathoth Shambler

      The Sphere is a narrowly constructed faction that focues on heavy infantry and close range combat. Though practically useless from a distance, if a skilled commmander can manage to get a few of them within reach of the enemy the outcome should be quite predictable.

      When prisoners are converted, they retain a similar level and become outfitted with hybrid equipment between Azathoth gear and that more common to other factions. Outside of its most elite commanders, this is the only way the Sphere can attain any notable ranged capability.
  • Kingdom of Segimer
    • Similar to the Germanic barbarians who warred with Rome at the turn of the first millennium.
    • Opposed to the Laertean Empire due to previous encroachment on their homeland.
    • Society is highly free.
    • Continental Germanic mythology is the basis for their religion.
    • Units:
      • First and foremost, master spearmen who rely on speed and agility.
      • Also have access to Phalanx-type troops, thanks to previous experience with the Laerteans.
      • Light skirmishing cavalry equipped with throwing spears
      • Ranged units are highly mobile bowmen.
    • Because of their constant struggles for survival, this faction can more readily recruit volunteers from its villages than others.

    • Pictured: Some poorly drawn spearmen, and an extremely poorly drawn Segimer Phalanx.

      This kingdom's spearmen are the finest in the land. Being more mobile than the vast majority of other regulars, they can easily take advantage of the length of their weapons against cavalry and infantry alike. Since the Kingdom of Segimer knows a god idea when it sees it, a small line of Phalanx is also available to them.

      Bowmen are as mobile as the spearmen, and cavalry equipped with throwing spears make a fine compliment to this well-rounded faction.

      I know that illustration is bloody awful, and it does no justice whatsoever to how awesome this culture really is, so to get a better view of what these guys are about check out this page.
  • The Abydan Empire
    • Themed around ancient Egypt at the height of chariot warfare.
    • Seeking to expand their empire into this new land.
    • Religion is polytheistic and is based on Ancient Egyptian Mythology.
    • Units:
      • Chariot commander. Skilled in command and are expert charioteers.
      • Runner - light, mobile infantry with the sole purpose of protecting moving chariots.
      • Chariot archer - accompanies the charioteer in his ride.
    • Access to skilled mercenaries from the empire's southern realms. Can also impress villagers and townsmen into slavery with little negative feedback for purposes of construction.

    • Pictured: The entire chariot crew: driver, archer, and runner.

      The Abydan Empire has employed chariots in its conquests for centuries, and this case is no exception. Their army is perfectly suited for chariot warfare on open terrain, and as long as the battle remains on open terrain this faction will succeed handily. Unfortunately for them, this is not always the case. Hence this empire may sometimes depend on heavier infantry imported from its more distant territories.
  • Decimus Peregrinus
    • In a word, crusaders.
    • Originally came to this land in search of relics, but later deemed it to be worthy of conquest in the name of their god.
    • Religion is monotheistic and typical of Christianity at the time of the Crusades.
    • Units:
      • Heavy cavalry - heavily armored men on heavy horses. Primary commander unit.
      • Mid to Heavy infantry skilled in numerous types of weaponry.
      • Heavy crossbowmen designed more for defending ground than taking it.
      • Most soldiers of this faction have at least basic skill in field medicine.
    • By use of inquisitors, lords of this faction can convert prisoners into soldiers that will fight on their side. Can take place on the field, but converted units are reduced in level.

    • Pictured: Decimus Knight, and a converted Dragoon

      The strongest asset of Decimus Peregrinus is its heavy cavalry, and its infantry and crossbowmen are not at all unskilled. When converts are made, their level will depend on the level of the Inquisitor that converted them. Converted soldiers will upgrade to a Dragoon, a soldier who can perform equally well on foot as on horseback, if not better. These soldiers excel at riding to the enemy's rear flank, dismounting, and pushing from behind.
  • Kingdom of Asgard
    • Typical vikings, but with more of the historical viking flair than what you saw with the Nords.
    • Come as conquerors from foreign lands, because that's what vikings do.
    • Religion is, duh, Norse Mythology.
    • Units:
      • The best units in this faction are its infantry. Top levels include a shielded unit that is always equipped with throwing weapons, in addition to a berserker guaranteed to have a two-hander, and may occasionally use throwing weapons.
      • Chief commanders will be the Commodore, who will be similar to the unit of the same name in the current release of ASTCM.
      • Longship archers will be heavy archers better known for power than speed.
    • When recruiting from its villages, this faction can freely recruit female warriors into their ranks.

    • Pictured: Asgard Berserker and Shieldmaiden

      The Asgard are what you would expect from the Vikings, had you actually studied their history for more than five minutes and then sprinkled a bit of folklore into the mix.

      Having two distinctly different infantry classes in its ranks is this faction's most outstanding feature. It will be best to keep these units in separate groups, so that the berserkers can use their speed to their advantage and, likewise, the other infantry can make the best of their shield wall. Female recruits will ultimately upgrade to Valkyries as in the current release of ASTCM.
  • The Shumisen Empire
    • Represents a hypothetical empire that would stretch from India to Japan.
    • Is actually divided into three separate factions working as a unit. Claimant quests will reflect this.
    • As an empire, this faction is seeking to expand its territory into this new land.
    • Religion is a blend of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shintoism.
    • Units:
      • Units of the first segment of this faction are centered around war elephants and light footmen as support.
      • The second segment features the most skilled commanders, as well as skilled ranged troops employing rockets and repeating crossbows.
      • Thirdly, the final segment features the all-purpose Samurai.
    • Due to this empire's size and resulting logistical prowess, it can easily deliver troops from their respective homelands to the battlefield in the form of small parties traveling to reinforce commanders on the field.

    • Pictured: Infantry equipped with the bees nest rocket launcher, a Samurai, and a war elephant.

      The diversity and size of this faction can prove to be its greatest asset as well as it's greatest weakness, however it can never hurt to have elephants, rockets, and skilled samurai all backing you, can it? This empire's lords will mainly stick to the soldiers of their homeland, though mixing of these cultures will commonly take place, leaving room for an endless array of creative strategies.
  • The Satyrnian Confederation
    • This is a faction of prominent bandit warlords and disgruntled lords from other factions.
    • Being a faction of bandits and lords who abandoned their loyalties, this faction has no permanent ruling authority. Instead, a leader is regularly elected. This leader functions as marshal and king for the duration of his or her term.
    • The freest of all societies. Allied with common bandits.
    • No established religion to speak of.
    • Units:
      • Though I do have a troop tree completely plotted out for this faction, its structure is unlike that of any other faction and is thus difficult to pin down as easily as the others.
    • Since this faction is allied with common bandits, lords of this faction can readily recruit directly from bandit parties.

    • Pictured: A Satyrnian Highwayman and a Sociopath (yes, that's what I'm calling him now, and he appears to be quite content with that)

      Whether fighting with or against this faction, you'll have little idea what will show up on the battlefield, for the diversity of the regulars is about as irregular as it can get. The most elite infantry unit may or may not have a variety of ranged weapons, and it's the same with the cavalry, all in addition to the already highly non-traditional approach they take toward their equipment. Their ranged units will use crossbows, although the variety in types of crossbows from which they might choose is staggering - everything from heavy chain-loaded monstrosities to lighter, quicker bullet crossbows will be at hand. All units in this faction will be above par in mobility.

      And yes, I just realized I drew that grappling hook backwards. Just have a few drinks and it will appear to be correct, I promise.

Last updated 27 November, 2009

Key Features of the Current Release:

67 New and Unique Soldiers in addition to the classic set, including new much-needed upgrades for all bandits, as well as highly specialized infantry units for advanced players to control the battlefield.

From farmers to forest bandits, from sea raiders to peasant women, all your favorite non-traditional troops bring you brand new ways to upgrade.

Brand new mercs to protect you from minor annoyances like enemy archers.

Dozens of new and unlocked items so you can finally wage war your way. Sick of functionality and convenience limiting your sense of fashion? Tired of wishing you'd been a plate-armored horse archer instead? Disgusted that the wings of that damned great helmet get in your face each time you zoom in throw a javelin? Yeah, so was I.

Black armor, which you may know. And throwing hooks, which you don't.

Sick of your “allies” bringing peasant women to your sieges? Train troops for your faction (thanks in part to this page...,46290.msg1233871.html#msg1233871)

Change your order of battle during sieges, as a true commander should. So you've broken into Sargoth and your crossbowmen are still up front after picking off your enemies while your siege tower crept ahead. Maybe you want your overcaffeinated assassins backing you up in the streets, and you want your hard-hitting huscarls to clean up the mess in the keep. No problem. Now in addition to getting through to your inventory and party pages before the siege, you can now access them via your hotkeys between each phase of the takeover.

And face it, putting those huscarls on your front lines in every major battle just because they're the only level 28 regular soldiers in all of Calradia got bloody old after awhile. In this universe the Nords are no longer the sole keepers of lord-level units. But these options won't make it any easier on you – each lord's training skill has been bumped up a few notches, so say goodbye to those endlessly repetitive battles against waves of recruits. Get ready to take back whatever it is you're dishing out.

Finally, some hardcore infantry doesn't drink mead...
In addition, all lords now hire mercenaries to fill in the gaps where their factions' trees drop off. So you'd best be prepared for the worst.

Love hired blades but never got to fight one that wasn't running through your arrows in the arena? Now's your chance.

When I set out to create this mod several months ago, I originally wanted to add a few new soldiers primarily to amuse my brother, who, once the ideas started piling up, ended up helping with the hundreds of hours of beta testing that's gone into this project. What came out of all the effort is a mod that's simple in concept, but complex in its refinement. Some historical research and a dry sense of humor played a large part in the creation of this addition to what quickly became my favorite game of all time in January. Mostly, though, it was a committed effort to fill in various gaps and expand on the enormous potential of each faction that admittedly hundreds and hundreds of hours riding on my various chargers and hunters had made all too apparent.

Here are some of the major, specific things you'll be seeing (POSSIBLE SPOILERS --- shield your eyes):

1. Solid ground support troops for the Khergits. As it's been said, no army in the world can function without foot soldiers. For the game's sake, this way the Khergits will no longer get completely annihilated in the mountains. For the players sake, massively prolonged and repetitive battles against the Khergits' narrow old troop “shrub” will be a thing of the past.

2. Specialized units like lightning quick assassins and (my personal favorite) a dedicated branch of siege defenders. I put hours (and hours) of refinement into each of these.

Top two levels of the assassin branch of the new bandit tree.

3. High-level multipurpose soldiers of some sort for every faction but the Rhodoks (but don't worry, I made up for that deficiency in other ways). The 32 slot limit on troops has grown tedious for each of us at times, so I worked in a wide variety of all-purpose soldiers in addition to the highly specialized classes.

4. In addition to the items that I added, I corrected a handful of already-existing pieces as well. For example, the double-sided lance originally had swinging animations during which it actually did no damage. The shortened military scythe is most obviously a thrustable weapon. Historically, the boar spear was used to rob an enemy of his shield, thus now it has a bonus against shields. Military forks had been a primary siege weapon in various countries, so they're also a little more effective now.

5. I brought back the flintlock pistol, which can be found in any hidden chest in the game or looted readily from mountain raiders if you so desire. I realized it was perfect for a commander who needed some effective range without being forced to put too many attribute points into strength. For those of us who do love dumping points into strength and love fighting on the ground whenever possible, there are a few new big two-handers that can't be used effectively on horseback (only swingable from one side), and some others that can't be used on horseback at all. And speaking of horses, there's a new one for you to try.

Commodore Frank and his trusty sidearm.

Big nasty axe. No caption necessary.

6. Most importantly, I tried above all things to remain completely true to the feel of the original game in this mod. Each faction still excels in its own original respect as I perceived it. The Swadians still have the best heavy cavalry, and the Khergits still have the most dangerous light cavalry. The Vaegirs have the best archers and the Nords retain the hardest-hitting infantry, and of course the Rhodoks keep the very best spearmen in all Calradia.

That's not to say that I didn't have some fun with this as well. There are a few grown-up jokes about culture and even the game itself hidden around Calradia, there's an obscure reference to H.P. Lovecraft buried somewhere in Khergit territory, and there's a classy tribute to my brother, who introduced me to this game in the first place, hidden high in the ranks of Nordic soldiers.

Expected FAQs:

Q. What's up with the the crappy armor on a few high-level units?
A. With the exception of the Assassins (who don't wear much armor by the nature of their occupation), the apparently crappy armor you're seeing is a clever disguise. Trust me, underneath the Executioner's robe is chain mail, and hidden beneath the Commodore's signature steppe cap is a remarkably hard skull. I simply made new items to cover for these two aesthetic preferences.

Q. Why do I see suddenly a Masterwork Heavy Bastard sword sitting on the ground?
A. Because in this mod a few units occasionally have enhanced weapons and armor, just like you.

Q. Forest WHAT?
A. Alliterations roll off the tongue quite nicely, don't you think?

Q. What are Phalanx/Assassins good for?
A. That's up to you. Try a book on Rome.

The way the Rhodoks were always meant to stop a cavalry charge.

Q. (the obvious) Will this mod work with both versions 1.010 and 1.011?
A. To my surprise, the changes I made to each text file carried back flawlessly from 1.011 to 1.010. So whichever new version you're running it will function just as you'd expect. Just copy the unzipped folder into your Mount&Blade\Modules directory and you'll be good to go!

That covers it. Thanks to my brother Pat for snapping these screenshots since I still don't have a real video card. Oh, here's the download link again:

Alternate download 1:

Alternate download 2:

And here's the post with all your official graphic signatures for supporters of ASTCM:


There's a whole bloody mess of them now. Take your pick:,67835.msg1797775.html#msg1797775





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Mahisa said:
what in the heck :shock: cant call this a mod but a harder version of NATIVE
Why isn't this a mod? Mod is short for modification.

This is an awesome version of native. I quite love this. Very good job with the new troops.


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Bloody nice job there mate!Looking forward to those new units and badass 2-handers! :twisted:

Johnny Morphine

Knight at Arms
Best answers
Thanks everyone.

I suppose it could be argued that Mahisa is right, though. Of course I can't claim credit for a dramatically new mod. Then again, I admitted at the start that this was meant to be simple, and is simply my tribute to the game itself and a gift to the people who've been playing it as much as I have, and who fell in love with the land of Calradia as it was and were just looking for it to evolve just enough to sate their demand for new and dynamic challenges.

Early in the process I did toy with the idea of giving you a new faction to play with, or even just adding new lords, but once I got into it I felt that it wouldn't add much more to the game itself and would only distract from my original intentions. But since people like the ideas I've put out there already, I just may go ahead and try it if the interest is there.

The idea I had for the new faction would be something far unlike any of the others. Rather than having 20 lords and a king, this faction would only have two or three members and one powerful master warlord who led his invaders in from foreign lands to conquer the five kingdoms and unite Calradia. So with the overwhelming forces resisting their invasion of elite mercenaries and soldiers of fortune from all over the world, it would be an interesting challenge for an experienced player to work for this new faction. Is that something you'd like to see?

Also, please offer any other suggestions you have for this mod once you get into it. I have every intention of putting continued improvements out there for you to fool around with.


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Don't worry about Mahisa, he's a alt of Swadii who made three mods that were rubbish and stole stuff. This mod looks promising. I might download it when I get the time.

Johnny Morphine

Knight at Arms
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Thanks for the compliment. Hope you like it. Wasn't worried though, haha.

I just finished running a couple tests with game version 1.010 and everything seems to be in working order (much to my surprise, actually).

Editing the initial post now.


Sergeant at Arms
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Looks short and sweet - the kind of mod I like playing when I have a spare 20 mins and just wanna have some good quick battles. I see you've added a cavalry unit for the Nords, and some actually useful looking Swadian infantry units (I was always sick that my Knights were the only capable infantry force in my army during sieges, despite the fact that they were mostly cavalry troops in field combat). However, why are the Rhodok Phalanx units all wielding swords? I mean, aren't the Rhodoks a primarily spear orientated faction? I see a few of them holding pointy sticks ... although I can't be sure if those are javelins or spears. And even if they are the latter, not many of them are actually using it. But since spears almost always suck, I suppose the use of swords are a plus.

Johnny Morphine

Knight at Arms
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I tried installing it but it wanted me to buy something :sad:.
Sorry about that issue, Lordpimp, I don't know why that would happen. Could you or anyone else who has had this problem be more specific? I just tried downloading it from Filefront and reinstalling it myself and I didn't have any problems. If it is something that has to do with Filefront I'll quickly find a more suitable download site.

Looks short and sweet - the kind of mod I like playing when I have a spare 20 mins and just wanna have some good quick battles. I see you've added a cavalry unit for the Nords, and some actually useful looking Swadian infantry units (I was always sick that my Knights were the only capable infantry force in my army during sieges, despite the fact that they were mostly cavalry troops in field combat). However, why are the Rhodok Phalanx units all wielding swords? I mean, aren't the Rhodoks a primarily spear orientated faction? I see a few of them holding pointy sticks ... although I can't be sure if those are javelins or spears. And even if they are the latter, not many of them are actually using it. But since spears almost always suck, I suppose the use of swords are a plus.
Thanks for the comments Aetheus. Yeah, the last time I was playing through the game my horse was stalled by a Rhodok Sergeant, but I figured I was OK because a Swadian Sergeant was standing right behind him with a morningstar ready to rock. So he comes down right on top of old sarge's skull and doesn't finish him off. So the Rhodok just shrugged it off, turned around glaived him to death before I could get my horse around to help out. So while I left the stats of every original soldier in the game the same, I made sure most the new units I added have a fair skill point for each level. Seriously, a level 25 infantry unit with 3 ironflesh and 3 power strike? That's one time when TaleWorlds really had me scratching my head.

Concerning the Phalanx, yeah, a lot of them have swords. I tried to find a way to balance them with spears, but the game itself gives immediate preference to non-polearm weapons in almost all scenarios. HIstorically phalanx units used either spears or swords, particularly of the shorter variety, so I made sure the Rhodoks had both available. From my in-game sampling around a quarter to half of any given sample will be ready with spears. That other pointy stick you're seeing is a pilum, which was a large throwing spear made famous by the old Roman phalanx. They should have only one, but for the game's sake I made this weapon come in sets of two pila per available slot. The way I use these guys is to have them advance in synchrony toward the enemy, instructing them to hold their fire until the enemy is right right in front of them. After they unload on the enemy, very likely decimating their ranks, you can have them hold their ground against a charge, possibly advance again (which is sometimes risky seeing as advancements are at a minimum ten paces), or charge as long as they can stay close, as a phalanx should.

If you need dedicated spearmen, I made sure the Rhodoks got high-level spearmen (who are guaranteed to have spears) as well. There are also mercenary spearmen available if you need them in a pinch.


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Johnny Morphine said:
I tried installing it but it wanted me to buy something :sad:.
Sorry about that issue, Lordpimp, I don't know why that would happen. Could you or anyone else who has had this problem be more specific? I just tried downloading it from Filefront and reinstalling it myself and I didn't have any problems. If it is something that has to do with Filefront I'll quickly find a more suitable download site.

It wants me to buy "Winzip" wen you double click on the icon to install.

Johnny Morphine

Knight at Arms
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Haha, I just use the generic Windows XP zipper because I hate being asked to buy things too. Thanks for the details - thankfully that's a problem with WinZip and not this mod!! After you unzip it just move the entire folder straight to your M&B modules directory.

If you bought the game with Steam that can be a little hard to find. Here's what the path might look like, just in case you run into any more problems:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\mount and blade\Modules

Murmandamus said: gonna cry.....
Please don't cry. Here, if you like, you can print out these screenshots and use them as tissues while you're playing this mod  :cool:

Glad everyone's liking this. Let me know how things are going for you once you get into the game.


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Austupaio said:
Mahisa said:
what in the heck :shock: cant call this a mod but a harder version of NATIVE
Why isn't this a mod? Mod is short for modification.

This is an awesome version of native. I quite love this. Very good job with the new troops.
I thought it to be short for Module...

Anyways, 1.010 and 1.011 are the same things, except 1.011 is save compatible with 1.003, that's all. So of course your changes will work.