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Adjustable party speed, stealth and ambushes

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I think there's a lot of room for completely new mechanics and behavior of parties in Bannerlord; especially surrounding party stealth, speed and ambushes. Here's how it's going to work.

Adjustable party speed
Right now, party speed is a single number. Instead, this should be made a MAX value so that players can choose to go slower or faster upto max speed. The benefit of going slower is that your party can enjoy a lower visibility distance (aka stealth). Effect of speed on visibility depends on party leader's scouting skills. Individual troops' scouting skills also have some effect on stealth.

Every spot on the campaign map has an "Ambush chance" which is a percentage. Party leader's and troops' scouting skills contribute extra to ambush chance. Once you arrive at a spot on map, you have the option to set up an ambush (switch to ambush mode). Party cannot move while in ambush mode and its visibility distance is set to 0 (ideally).

When an enemy party runs into this ambush and the ambush succeeds (based on ambush chance), player can choose to trigger a battle or run a simulation. If it fails, nothing happens. The enemy party just passes through your ambush. Meanwhile, you can choose to come out of your ambush state and chase them down.

If you are a player being ambushed successfully by an enemy party, you DO NOT have the option to fight manually. Battle happens in simulation only. However, if you do spot the ambush before triggering it, you can fight manually or choose to ignore and keep moving. Ability to spot ambushes depends on your party scout's skills.

How to avoid ambushes
This requires addition of some significant new mechanics. Specifically, add a "travel" mode that is similar to battle mode. Players can trigger this travel mode any time they are out and about on the campaign map.

In travel mode, all you have to do is move yourself and your troops from one end of the battle map to the other. Reward for traveling manually is that your party will teleport a few units of distance on the campaign map (typically a few hours' worth of travel). Mind you, travel mode can be triggered only if your party is moving. Players could typically trigger a travel mode every now and again while travelling long distances and they anticipate an ambush. This allows players to essentially skip moving over areas on the campaign map where they are likely to be ambushed.

Ambushes when travelling manually

This is where things get interesting. While travelling, if there is an ambush present, the ambusher's troops will spawn on designated spots on the map. (Of course, travel map scenes will be designed accordingly). If you are the ambusher, you can choose to spawn your troops any time you want, essentially allowing you to wait until the enemy travels to a sweet spot.

As a party being ambushed, this is the only way you get to fight this battle manually.

So what do you think?


I think this will annoy me more than I could annoy the AI.☹

If there are roads on the map then this may be interesting. Without the road, can use the area effect I guess, increase the radius.
With all that, I think I will get very irritated if I get ambushed too many times. 😖

Having a specific battle map just for the ambush could get interesting...👍
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