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MP Other Adimi Tools v1.52 for 1.174

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Adimi h.c.

native compatible admin tools for warband 1.174 by gotha

Also on moddb and steam

Features (06.08.2013-23:21)
  • Slay all players/Slay a player
  • Slay all bots
  • Slay all horses
  • Set HP for everyone/Set HP for a player. - Choose a value between 0 and 101.(Set HP is used instead of the "Heal" function)
  • Make everyone (im)mortal/Make a player (im)mortal
  • Swap everyone to team 1 or team 2 / Swap a player to team 1 or team 2
  • Swap teams
  • Fix everyones shield/Fix a players shield
  • Refill ammunition of everyone/Refill ammunition of a player
  • Print GameIDs
  • Join and Leave messages if anyone joins or leaves the server.
  • Drowning
  • Mapping Features
  • Sound and animation synchronisation is included
  • Poll Override -Admins can accept or reject the poll. If a poll is initialized a new menu will appear on the right side. If you have voted already you can open the menu manually by pressing (F7)
  • Teleport (teleport to a player... and more)
  • Improved Item Spawn System. The categorys were edited abit and have a new order now. Except of that you can now also select all players and you'll get a notification if you've selected an invalid player.
  • Un/Mute everyone / a player
  • Admin Chat by pressing U
  • Interner Admin Chat by pressing I
  • Set Gold -You can set everyones gold or the gold of a player to an amount between -1 and 100001.
  • Five automatic server announcements
  • Automatic server announcement
  • Every message, which was sent by the server is logged.
  • 5 seconds after map change you'll receive these informations: servername, mapname, admins who are online and the current gamemode.
  • Heal after duel for player and horse(if exist), Fixing the shield anf refilling the ammunition.
  • Crashserver -Starts a countdown at 60 seconds. If the counter reachs -1 the server crashs. An admin can stop the countdown all time of course. !Crash doesn't mean restart!
  • Kicking

  • Horses
  • Duel armors
  • Trooplimiter in % (You can choose between % of the serverslots or current player amount)
  • Admin Levels (Low, Mid and High)
  • By pressing the keys O, P and Alt Gr(Alt right) you can teleport free around the map.
  • Anti straying horses

  • 100x Custom Maps
  • A weather system -Could lag or could look worse. Use it if you want
  • Master of the Field flag spawns 2min before end (WNL)
  • Force spawning without weapons&shields
  • Spawn Master of the Field flag immediately by pressing a button
  • Admin Speed Modifier
    • You need to press ctrl left+alt left +
      • F8 Walking
      • F9 Default running speed
      • F10 2x default speed
      • F11 max. running speed. (10x)
  • Chooseable reasons for: Kick, Ban, Mute and Slay
    • Excessive Teamkilling
    • Excessive Teamhitting
    • Cheating, Delaying
    • Poll abusing
    • Disregard of admin instructions
    • Glitching
    • Trolling
    • Clantag abuse
    • Abusive language
    • Teamplay
    • Flaming/Raging
    • Spamming
    • Abusive playername
    • Away from keyboard
  • Reset Map
  • Auto team-switch after a round
  • Immortal Loop
  • Mute Loop
  • Note for a player -You started to open the gate.. or You started to close the gate..
  • Press F4 to activate an additional gameplay display (can be used on every server also by non admins)
  • WNL + ENL Maps (Dijon, San'di'boush, Vendetta, Frosty Battle, Reveran Village, Snowy Hamlet, Shariz Village, Mountain Fortress, Fort of Honour, Verloren, Dry Valley)

Anti Teamkill System

This admin tool has an anti teamkill system.
You have the following options:
  • Amount of teamkills until kick
  • Amount of anti-teamkill kicks until temporary ban
  • Anti Teamkill System

Admin Ranks
In AdimiTools are four admin ranks.

-Low Temp. Ban, Un/Mute all, Kick Players, Print GameIds, AdminChat, Intern AdminChat, Accept/Reject Polls
-Mid Temp. Ban, Perm. Ban, Administration Panel, Un/Mute all, Kick players, Print GameId, Spawn Master of the Field Flag, AdminChat, Intern AdminChat, Slay players, Accept/Reject Polls
-High Temp. Ban, Perm. Ban, Administration Panel, Un/Mute all, Kick Players, GameId, AdminChat, Reset Map, Spawn Master of the Field Flag, Intern AdminChat, Slay players, Teleport, Switch Teams, Spawn Items, SetHp, SetGold, Restore ammo heal shield, Accept/Reject Polls

and the usual admin with password (Can do everything).

All Admin Ranks can't get banned or kicked.

You can add admins if you open the scripts.txt and replace the following things:

777777777777 = Low- (It excist 23x 777777777777.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
888888888888 = Mid- (It excist 23x 888888888888.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
999999999999 = High- (It excist 23x 999999999999.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
With admin password =  Can everything.

small part of scripts.txt said:
1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 777777777777

Adimi Tools does also support PIN's.(You can open the PIN window by pressing P)
You can set for every admin rank, Low, Mid and High -a PIN.

11111111111 = PIN for rank "Low"
22222222222 = PIN for rank "Mid"
33333333333 = PIN for rank "High"

The highest number a PIN could be is 99999 and the smallest number is 0

Another part of scripts.txt said:
72057594037927937 1224979098644774913 4 0 417 0 4 0 31 2 11111111111 1224979098644774913 2133 2 72057594037927936

Custom Maps

Go into your Native folder
Search the file scenes.txt
Edit the file and search multi_custom_adimi_tool_scene_1
If you posses another map code you have to edit this: :
scn_multi_custom_adimi_tool_scene_1 multi_custom_adimi_tool_scene_1 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x00000001300389800003a4ea000058340000637a0000399b
Then search the file Strings.txt
Edit the file and search str_multi_custom_adimi_tool_scene_1. You can change the map name as well. (Warning! Only those can see the map name, if they have the same file. )

Scening Features(Mapping)
Var1 No. 0 = Opens the portcullis.
Var1 No. 1 = Just admins can open the portcullis.
Var1 No. 2 = The winch doesn't open anylonger the portcullis. It does now open spr_door_f_left and spr_door_f_right.
Var1 No. 3 = The winch doesn't open anylonger the portcullis. It does now open spr_draw_bridge_a it rotates by 85°.
Var1 No. 4 = The winch doesn't open anylonger the portcullis. It does now open spr_grate.
Var1 No. 5 = The winch doesn't open anylonger the portcullis. It does now open spr_gatehouse_door_left and spr_gatehouse_door_right.
Var1 No. 6 = The winch doesn't open anylonger the portcullis. It does now open spr_towngate_rectangle_door_right and spr_towngate_rectangle_door_left.

Var1 No. 0 = An usual barrier
Var1 No. 1 = Kills everyone on it.

Var1 No. 0 & Var2 No. 0 = The archery target doesn't move.
If Var1. and Var2. are bigger than 0:
Var1. No. duration in seconds
Var2. No. meter amount

Var1 & Var2 = 0 -Nothing happens
Var1 = SetHP is enable for the bed
Var2 = How much HP? (Less as 5 is not recommended)

Beds: bed_a bed_b bed_c bed_e bed_f

If Var2. = 0 it is a teleport door.
Teleport doors are teleporting always to the object barrier sphere with the same Var1. No. like the Teleport door. For example: castle_f_sally_door_a has Var1 No. 25 and Var2 No. 0 -It will now teleports you to spr_barrier_sphere with the Var1 No. 25.

If Var2. = 1 admins can open/close the door.
If Var2. = 2 everyone can open/close the door.
Note: Teleport doors are teleporting riders too.

If Var1. = 1 the windmill fan will turn.
You can place items (just weapons&shields and horses) on the map (with the scening editor)
If Var1. = 0 nothing.

If Var1. = 1 the items spawn once and respawns next round(They can just respawn on battle or siege for example).
Var2. means how much the item should spawn. If you enter 5 it will spawn 5x times on the position.

Note: If you place itm_keys spawns a random melee weapon.
Note: If you place horses -you have to scale them small to 0.1(better would be 0.05) otherwise there would be always a collision of the item horse.
Note: If you place one of the following food items: itm_horse_meat, itm_raw_date_fruit, itm_dried_meat, itm_smoked_fish, itm_cheese, itm_honey, itm_cabbages, itm_sausages, itm_apples, itm_cattle_meat, itm_bread, itm_chicken, itm_pork, itm_butter,itm_raw_grapes | you will receive 5HP if you pick up one of them.




















Turkish translation by HasanA: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,380498.0.html


Admin Tools Module System (1.52 for Warband 1.173): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gtiopcjw10wgzy1/AABg1lLcccZzDFcNbUmUOUBUa
Note: Reuploads aren't allowed without my permission. Reupload it if you want, but please don't forget credits.

Adimi Tools v1.52:
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j60007jauexakh8/Adimi Tools Native 1.52 1.173.zip?dl=0
MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!TUBiDCqS!37-NT68pc5vCeIWsApluoyu6h1QeYtKvo6SZCu5lrrY

Servermonitor source code: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ze8n75u3jh6z7w/wb_sm.zip?dl=0
Servermonitors said:
Want to use a servermonitor? (Works also without AdimiTools!!)

Here are some variations for you:








You can also use a random choosen background these 6 variations:


Want to change the text color? No problem it works by RGB.
Visit http://www.colorspire.com/rgb-color-wheel/ and choose a color. You'll see a value for R, G and B.
just replace the value with yours.

Name: Adimi Tools
Version: 1.52
Game version: 1.173
Category: Admin Utility
Short Info: An admin utility which makes the administration of your server(s) much easier.
Mode: MP
Languages: EN
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I LOVE THIS ! now this mod is much better than last one by you

I will look into bugs and let you know if exist...
Loving it, however..

Could you maybe include set spawn armors so the admin can select what side has what, this will be useful for events and evening out battles when a lesser faction is being played.

If this has already been included then forgive me, my eyes aren't what they were two hours ago.
I'll not release any new features atm.
I will also wait for the new warband version I think.
MS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2910yhuseh5361f/Plh_mvvfGd

If you know how to you could add it perhaps to OSP Mods.
I really like this.
Bugs which I noticed:
-Teleporting players doesnt really work
Features I would love to see added:
-anonymus adminmessages
-Events(Like in Pouls adminstrator mod for with fire and sword)
Hello Gotha, I'm afraid that I'm a total noob with this kind of installment, could you possibly tell or link me to instructions on how to install the module system into my server, It's run using TCADMIN however I can use a trick to run the .bat file without having to get my host involved, they have said I can run .bat files this way.

I will look for the instructions myself for now, but if you can please link me.

I don't know anything about TCADMIN or server admin panels...

But you can't install a module system.
A module system is just creating the .txt files which you can see in your native folder for example.
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