BL Coding AddPlayerLine() AddDialogLine() there are no selection lines in the secondary action? C#

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AddPlayerLine("Question1", "lord_talk_ask_something", "Question2","Text1"...) 1. presses "lord_talk_ask_something". a dialog appears with the button "Text1"
AddDialogLine("Question2", "Question2", "Question3", "Text2"...) 2. The NPC responds to "Text2"
AddPlayerLine("Question3", "Question3", "Question4...","Text3"...) 3 The NPC responds to "Text3"

How can I get a button with the text "Text3" and the NPC responds "Text4" in the third paragraph ?
DialogLines are from NPCs, while PlayerLines are the player's responses, which are usually at least 2 or more. So to start off you will want to have 1 DialogLine with Text1, followed by 2 PlayerLines with Text2 and Text3. This will be followed by a DialogLine with Text 4, which will in turn be followed by another 2 PlayerLines with Text5 and Text6. Depending on the player's response the inputToken for the NPC's next DialogLine will be determined by the outputToken of the PlayerLine.
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Sorry. It's still hard for me to figure it out alone. Another question.

How to build a reaction to the dialogue? Let's say if I have 1 gold
if (player >= 1 gold) Npc answer 1 else Npc answer 2.

I'm thinking of reassigning the text to the next DialogLine when performing a ConversationSentence.OnConsequenceDelegate()
change the OutPutToken when performing a ConversationSentence.OnConsequenceDelegate()
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