Additional fighting mechanics - '' Weapons special strike by type, step dodge''

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Good day fellow people,

this is my first post so I am sorry If I am repeating already mentioned or I am violating rules in any way.

I joined the forums to have a better grasp of ''whats coming to the game'' and beacuse I would like to see few additional ways to approach combat to make it more diverse, fun and challenging.

Thats why I would like to propose 3 different combat mechanics :

- WEAPONS SPECIAL STRIKE : bound to one universal key+ movement, you can do an attack, which is only limited to the weapon type you are using.
For example ( aim is still for realism) :

- Axes can be used for grappling opponent (if they get too close to you/ stick to you // pole of the axe behind enemy neck) // usefull if you cant get distance from faster opponent and wish to control him for few moments so allies can strike him, use him as a body shield vs arrows or to throw him on the ground to get some distance or do power strike. If Enemy is quick enough with response, he can move away or bash you moving forward to distrupt your grapple attempt. // Vigor attribute is determined for effectivnes

- Spears would have special slash attack ( control attribute determines effectivness

- Swords could have an alternative quick stab strike (animation could follow from slash attack to stabbing / from blocking to quick stab,...) (cunning attribute determines effectivnes)

- Maces,....

This feature would add bigger significance to what type of weapon enemy holds and how will you approach combat.

POMMEL STRIKE : another way to interrupt enemy and to combine pommel strike with kicks (who would have stronger effect after succesful pommel or bash)

STEP DODGE : Just some extra way to create distance or better angle vs enemy, which breaks current ''constant movement speed''. Step dodge can be used to distrupt enemy pressure (which can be to predictable and easy to achieve, since movement is always constant) or to surprise enemy. You can even strike with smaller weapons during step dodging (like daggers,...)

Current combat is already ''deep'' in some areas and requires mastery while I believe could still use a few touches to separate good combatants vs great combatants and also adds few more variables to make it that more interesting even to the untrained eye :smile:

What do you all think? Are combat features already in finished stage or are there some new features in the makings?

Thank you for consideration!
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