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Would love to see some additional console commands added as the current list is somewhat limited. There was a mod a while back that enabled console commands prior to the official console addition. The commands on the mod were much more comprehensive at the time but it no longer works with current release.

There's been a bunch of occasions where I thought a specific console command would be handy but the ones off the top of my head right now are all companion related.

In my main saves I have a bunch of companions that were spawned in villages with no way of interacting with them (they just appear in encyclopedia). With the mod console there was a command to teleport a hero to a settlement which was a nice workaround. Unfortunately this command is not available on official console so I have a bunch of useless companions sitting in villages.

I did see that kill hero is still a command so I am playing around with that but hero spawns are so random and I seem to get more "the Wronged" and "the Black" characters more so than others (have like 9 of them in main save). So maybe a print available companion types to spawn could be a command and a command to spawn a specific companion type into the world. I made a custom companion mod months ago and am still yet to see any spawn in world. Also maybe an edit to the add_companion command so that they don't spawn with zero skills and attributes regardless of type (tested this out and it does spawn my custom companions as well but they have zero attributes too).

In summary so far would like to see these commands added/changed:
  • teleport hero to settlement
  • print available companion types to spawn
  • spawn specific companion type to world (with regular base stats like when they are randomly spawned)
  • change add_companion to not add a companion with zero stats and attributes (I don't mind that they are level 1 but some base stats/skills specific to the type would be nice)
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