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I have a suggestion for Taleworlds developers for 1.7.3. I have stated the source of our problem as below. It will also be an option for other mod projects to avoid concerns about sound and animations and have a better extensible mod tools system. @Dejan @MArdA TaleWorlds

We needed to add sound to our mod project before. There were times when we had problems while adding these sounds, and the problems we are currently experiencing still continue with difficulties.

Unfortunately, the issue of adding sound for animations is a bit more complex, so we think that necessary steps should be taken in this regard. Although we followed the instructions given by @Kabraxis on this issue, no solution was we found.

Our goal here is to adding a Reload Sound for "Musket Reload-Animation" in for the Sword & Musket mod.

The musket reload animation consists of 13 seconds and two parts. Here we need to integrate the sound into the animation.

-Why we got a two animations for Musket-Reloading?
We had to divide it into 2 for the animation to work, we did it by taking TW's recommendations into account, but since we had not tried to add sound to any animation before, we had difficulty adding sound to segmented animations in this way. The Sound-Codes of the 1st and 2nd Animation are well but unfortunately it did not work, in addition @DarthKiller our team member, also tried to do this, but it didn't work.

We have no choice but to ask Taleworlds to practice their mod tools a bit more in terms of animations and sound, but to state that I want more detailed and detailed solutions on this issue.





This would be very helpful. Some added documentation on dealing with sounds would be welcome.
In addition to issues detailed above, we are finding the volume of played sounds vary. There seems to be some kind of hardcoded behaviour in according to what sound category was assigned to the sound in the xml file.
We found that combat sound category sounds play at a normal volume but cut off at around 1second even if they are longer. Foley and ambience sounds play for their full length, but play at a significantly reduced volume.
Would it be possible to add a sound volume level argument to PlaySound() method? Or something similar where modders could override this?
Don't know how much I will need to use this myself but as someone working on a total conversion I can say that something like this would be much appreciated. To have these types of tools readily available for when we need them is something the modding community as a whole can get behind.


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Hey Lucon,
  • Your "sound code" name doesn't match what you put in the xml.
  • Sound points are all "-1.0". At least one of them should be "0.0". That's the percentage of animation the sound triggers in.
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