Adding party pay to player salary


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I would like to add the party pay amount to the salary that player gets from the lord. I have already removed the code that removes party from the player when joining the lord. Now adding the party pay option would allow for player to form their own companies in service of lords. It works even in vanilla freelancer, just recruit some mercs in tavern when you are stationing in some city. Its just they party pay bit that is missing.

This bit of the code, in, is what gives player the salary:

#pays player 10 times the troop level
        (store_mul, ":weekly_pay", 10, ":level"),
        (troop_add_gold, "trp_player", ":weekly_pay"),
        (add_xp_to_troop, 70, "trp_player"),
        (play_sound, "snd_money_received", 0),
Now all it needs is the code that adds the gold amount that is same as party salary for player.