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so i'm trying to add some items from suguroku to 3.1, specifically the hannya mask, hachimaki helmets, the mask jukenei wore and the ninja outfit. so far i've only added the hannya mask and hachimaki but neither of them show up in morph's editor. my problem is the hannya mask doesn't show up in my game at all. i increased its abundance to 100 in the item_kinds file to no avail. seeing how i'm unable to edit it through the editor, maybe i can through the item_kinds file? any idea? also, would i have to start a new game for my tinkering to be fully implemented?

maybe i should just add them to the cheat menu, which i'm currently looking up how to do but wouldn't mind some help.

just so you guys don't think i'm just looking to feed off the goodwill of the community, after a little observation i noticed that items that normally show up in shops have strings of digits after them, at least more than the items that don't, such as the hannya mask. am i looking in the right direction?
Using morgh's, take a look at the lower-right table which defines in which factions an item may appear, uncheck all boxes, this way it'll show up in all factions.

Also, take a look if the item is marked as "Merchandise" on the left table (with boxes), if it's unmarked, mark it, so the game reads it as a store item.

(b)protip: if you want to add an item (or many) and you don't have the item_kinds1 keys, copy existing items (using morghs) and change the stats, features, stats and anims you want the item to have, save and after you're done, open the .txt and change the model keys to your item's. If you need further help, just ask.

Careful with the models, sometimes a wrong key or typo can make the item appear as invisible in-game, and when you click it, a wave of red strings like "missing_model_file" or something may show up. Easy stuff to fix.
that tip came in handy, pretty much solved the rest of my issues. thanks, guy!

but as far as morph's tool goes, none of the items i added are showing up in it. the item count still says "598+" when the item_kinds1 file says like 605.
Hey, I try to add some new custom items using models I found in the Resource folder, including pieces in Sugoroku and Lord of Golden Fan, copying an existing item and changing the mesh to the one I find on OpenBrf but when I get in-game, the items appear as invisible. How do I fix this?
textures are there, yeah. im using the meshes from sogoruku. a lot of them dont seem to want to appear like the shinsengumi hakama and some other ones from Golden Fan resource
but its not enough!!!!
in .brf file there are folders of 'meshes', 'textures' and 'materials'. You must fill at least 'materials' correctly.
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