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Irfan Ross

Wish all of you are safe.

I would like to suggest one idea, how about adding professional banditry into the game? Below are some features related to the same:

1. The player and the companions can be involved into professional banditry. Looting, killing, burning etc. etc.
2. Player can have hideouts or safehouse in some locations that can be attacked by lords, mercenaries or bounty hunters or other bandit groups, and can have low to huge bounty on head.
3. These hideouts, safehouses or camps can be upgraded similar to city/castle upgrade.
4. Scenes based on cultures or may be player chosen.
5. Have fence to sell stolen goods.
6. Bandit player may get called by lords or kings/Queens to support in wars in many different ways and in return they can get some reward or pardon or something or paying tribute to lords/kings for war to get some benefits and then may impress some ladies. Later on option to becone noble vassal or remain bandit.
7. Bandit player may be noble or lowborn.
8. Some specific bandit leader/king related high tier armor and weapon set.
9. Murder or assassination feature related to become leader of bandit group or faction or clan.
10. Lords can completly destroy the bandit band/faction, which can be reinstated or reinstalled by player if not killed/hanged or by clan members or they can create new faction.
11. Please include marriage and children option too, who can betray the player for immunity or what ever best you decide or something similar like in movies.
12. Feast option with animations in bandit groups after raids or anytime suitable.
13. Wounded animation with bandages, lying or sitting in camps, sickness or drunkness for bandit or lords.
14. Forming a crime ring mafia/godfather style, extortion, kidnapping etc. and may be some commoners/desperate lords ask your help for some acts.
15. A separate troop tree for this faction (not related to the current available troop tree).
16. Can take part in tourneys and if failed/terminated, can have the option to try to steal the reward.
17. Hunting in royal forest, poaching etc and crafting animation. Can have Smith in hideout too.
18. Permanent injuries, Eyepatch, sickness, scars etc etc.

I guess it is not impossible to implement; however, I believe if the devs see it feasible, then can executed soon.

Thank you for reading the above, please feel free to add anything missed by my old brain.

Best regards,
Yea great idea my man why not bring career in general blacksmith caravans player owned homes for replay ability sake I’m being serious too

Smithing:being the squire I think that’s what a squire was a blacksmith isn’t what u are on kcd it’s already kinda implemented in game with orders and would be easy to add.

Marshal:it would be neat to be a marshal run around hunting bandits and solving quest to kingdom ur marshal over

Bandit; just need playable hideouts and bounty’s and bounty hunters or head hunters as there called on the old one. And add a bounty system.,and it would need a way to steal livestock like off of the old one depending on ur rouge skill.

Bounty hunter; pretty much uses the bounty system on npcs like late game I heard they are a lot of em could add roles to them like what I’m speaking off bounty hunters smiths bandits marshal

Sense this game uses scripted interaction u could pull a move like dnd narrative driven like main story line but repeats and is a career.also could (maybe move the whole campaign into a job position for king so u don’t always have to run back in forth)

Just some basic examples and ideas
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