Add steam workshoop to your game

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I really dont like going to third party website to download mods. All these other games have mods through steam subscriptions. It would be much easire to allow people to uplaod their mods to steam and we then subscribe to them from there. much more easier to micro manage for everyone.


They will.
It's that all mods now are completely unsupported and "unofficial". Since TW is making daily patches for now, any one mod is most likely pointless, for eventually, all current mods will be broken. TW hasn't yet released the mod development tools, which they will soon enough, and I am sure they'll also launch the Steam Workshop with it, if not, they will soon after, if not even before. Don't worry about that, TW has been very kind to modding in Bannerlord, it's just that the game is very far from finished, and so are the friendly and compatible tools to develop mods. It'll be a matter of months, but it will happen.

My advice? If you really want current mods, stick to Nexus. It's a good and reliable source. I much prefer it to ModDB.
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