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Do i want stamina added , at least in MP

  • yes

    Votes: 7 10.3%
  • Of course

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I want to run around spawnclick 30 times per second with 2h axe to hit someone

    Votes: 61 89.7%

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Ugh and while we are at it we can also implement illnesses and bleeding system for a "real fun gameplay". I also dislike the fact my character can't do a flips while jumping.
Ok now for real. Combat system is already messed enough even without stamina system. So pls no.
I thought no at first,

but maybe a stamina system for feints?

just feinting over and over again makes each feint slower and slower?

not alot, but maybe after 5 or 6 feints, your feints slow down a little bc the meta is feinting up then right swinging right now

besides maybe a penalty on over feints, anything else stamina wise i think not


Stamina is a useless stat and adds a whole new layer of balance to take into account. TW already struggles with what they have on their plate.

Stamina is intended to stop people from spamming OP techniques, but what's considered OP by devs is never in fact really OP in advanced level of play, so it is always useless in combat games. And in MMO's stamina is moslty needed to overgear and never to think of it. Also useless.


IMO, the lack of stamina in Bannerlord's actually a feature.

From my experience with the Chivalry 2 beta, stamina really only succeeds in having matches. Dueling is outright discouraged in that type of situation. If anything, it only encourages players to 2v1 or 3v1 their opponent as that ensures you have enough stamina to see a fight end with you as the victor.
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