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Add Sprinting, Stamina, Sleeping and Eating Features to the game.

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This is partially a physics-based game for its damage system and to me, there's just like this void of a feature which I still don't understand why it's not in the game officially. On foot, it makes no sense to not have the ability to move more quickly or to have a stamina system really at all. The system is pretty basic and simple at its core if troops are well fed = no negative debuff to their stamina and their attacks hit for their regular damage, the same thing can be applied to a need for sleeping, just basic mechanics that would really enable the game to feel more realistic.

You could make it so troops that are malnourished take penalties and without rest, they are more prone to injuries and also take longer to heal, that way if you tried doing a death march from the capital city to another capital city it would be a significantly harder trek than if you just let the men rest or make certain they eat, this could also be incorporated into the morale system and cause desertions based on a lack of adequate conditions to live in.
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