Suggestion General Add option to change crafted item weapon "type" (skill it gains / perks it benefits) or allow new usages for crafted weapons

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I'd like to request one of the following:
1. To add the ability to specify what weapon type / experience gain / perk benefits an item should get
2. Change / create new weapon usages for crafted weapons.

Essentially, I wanted to make a one-handed sword that only uses thrusting animation + the overhand thrusting animation that javelins use.
I normally go about making new weapon types via the item_usages.xml / action_types / action_sets.

However, it seems that crafted weapons are limited to <WeaponUsages> and there isn't any xml method to create new versions of these.

I was able to circumvent this by creating a template that uses only the onehandedpolearm_javelinalternative weapon usage, and the weapon works very well.
These are thrusting gladii. The only issue here is that the weapon is considered a onehanded polearm, and thus experience gain is locked to polearms.
I assume it will only benefit from Polearm perks.

I'm also unsure how the AI will use the weapon if it is classified as a "polearm", will tehy attempt to focus on cavalry?

Thank you for considering this option!


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Sorry, what I posted before won't work. We're investigating the suggestion.
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Only caught a bit of what you wrote before -

Basically, when the gladius is swapped to the javelin thrust usage, it is considered technically as a pole arm.
My guess is the AI will consider it a pole arm, and I can confirm it is treated as pole arm with skill gain and guards carrying the sword in towns.
I haven't seen any way to change what skill gain / weapon type the AI considers it yet.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this!
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