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Add Nobility Titles? (Poll and Discussion)

Do you think nobility titles should be added to the game before the game is release?

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    Votes: 12 100.0%
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  • All clan members of all factions should be given titles (except mercenaries)
  • Let players customize their titles once they rule a faction

Social statuses have always been a key aspect of the mount and blade games. However, I believe this concept, at the moment, has been brushed over in Bannerlord. I understand that there are other things that currently need prioritization, but I believe we should start somewhere small within the next few patch notes. Bannerlord has a very unique setting, (based on what looks like the Roman split), where factions not only have unique cultures but also have unique vassal systems (at least in lore). Where there are Monarchies, Republics, and Militaristic factions. I also believe that giving titles to lords will not affect the balance of the game or any of the current game mechanics.


For the Empire factions, the titles could fall along the line of Senator and general. For the non-Empire nobility factions, they can base off of the noble titles from the factions of the Franks (Battania), kingdom of Suebi (Vlandia), Danish nations (Sturgia), Sassanid Empire (Aserai), and the Huns (Khuzait.) Of course, it would make since for some of the factions to have more mid-medieval era titles since they are more advanced then there counterpart, such as Vlandia being more technologically advanced than the kingdom of Suebi. So titles like count, duke, and baron would make since. Although they could be any title since they are all made up factions.

Where this Could Possibly Lead:

With the addition of titles, the next step would be the addition of title ranks (duke, count, baron, etc.) Where title ranks can be based on clan tier or how many fiefs you control. Title ranks could affect the conversation dialogue with civilians, and nobility of higher or lower title rank. Title rank could also affect the courting system if there is a marriage overhaul in the near future. But these are just possibilities, and will not happen soon if at all. So its best to start small!

Thank you for reading. Please comment or post any suggestions.
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Titles are cool. So I´m a vassal clan of vlandia. T3 Clan. I have a conquered castle. I´m maybe a count.

But what is my siblings? Are they really anything else than noblemen? :smile:


I think this Recruit has good ideas (or CK has good ideas about title ranks and possible new gameplay options that could be imported into Bannerlord).
The custom title rank hierarchy would be interesting and unusual. It would be used both by hardcore roleplayers (to set their national or fantasy titles) and immature kids to see obscenities on the screen (I'm the later type). That covers the whole playerbase, so it's a promising feature..


Well, it will sound like I'm promoting my mod but basically, you are suggesting integration of Vassal Titles Mod
And I support this. I think it's bringing a nice flavour to the game and I would be very much like to see it in vanilla game
One thing that has instantly gotten into my mind the first playthroughs in warband was titles (count, boyar, emir, jarl), and i remember them dearly.
So, a big YES to this suggestion.
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