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Apologies if a thread like this has been made before. I did a quick search on the site and couldn't find anything.

But to get to the point, the game desperately needs a better launcher. I understand the idea they went for in Bannerlord, with allowing a high degree of flexibility regarding mods, but at the same time this completely destroyed the nice practicality warband had with its own separate modules. Right now managing mods is far more difficult than it has to be and to switch between two different mods setups requires at the very least going through the pain of checking/unchecking a lot of mods. It becomes very cluttery. Just imagine how bad it'll be when the total conversion mods start releasing.

What the launcher needs are profiles which you can set up and save with already preselected mod configurations. This would then bring back the simplicity of warband but also with the flexibility of bannerlord. Even better if each selected profile could have its own save data, like warband, so you don't have to look through a long list of saves to find out which one you were using for a specific mod.

As it is now it will get very annoying as soon as more complex mods start to come around which are incompatible with each other.
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