Add a Clan Party Recruit Focus

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A significant amount of time is spent to setup a Hero to run a Clan Party. The Hero has specific Perks to work with Unit types.

It would be a benefit to be able to specify who a Hero recruits and how they are upgraded.

Add a drop down menu on the Clan Party Tab to give them a focus with 5 choices:
A General option for a mixed party (Default).
Horse Archer

I am currently micro-managing my parties to have them setup this way, a simple drop down menu would make it easier. Then the Party would only recruit troops that when fully upgraded meet that requirement.


I'd love this to be featured. I like to create dynasties in my playthroughs, and as such it means I typically have over 30 children/grandchildren/Greatgrandchildren that will focus on specialties. Fx. Governors/Horse Archer/Cavalry/Infantry/Archery.

I'd add it to their names, but this breaks my immersion. A customizable note next to their names in the dropdown menu of the Character tab would be ideal.
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