AD 1257 1.03: Teutonic Order - Wrong troops?

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Hello I have the problem with Teutonic Order faction. When I play custom battle with Teutonic order their troops looking like barbarians with big axes, even cavalry hasnt got a single teutonic knight. Their names are like Czech: "Kirvinkas", "raitas Dzidziunas" For me it completely ruins the mod, and its unacceptable. I dont know if its bug, but I looked through whole internet and I havent found any solution. :sad: Please help, because I want to play this mod but I cant ignore this problem.
Teutonic lands are former baltic tribes lands, so you'll find only baltic troops in teutonic villages. You need a manor to recruit'em. Look for some tutorials about manors in 1257AD and you'll know how it works.
Im playing as kingdom of Poland and I just thought, ad didint install properly.  You know, I want to fight with Teutonic Order as knights not a bunch of pagans :smile: So does that mean armies of Teutons are mixed of pagans and knights?
It's historical. That's how the feudal system works. Most of the troops from Baltic lands where pagans at the timeframe. Some of the local nobles loyal to the teutons would be baptised, but no one really gave a crap about the peasants who would still hug the trees naked.

Besides, just because some of 'em would been baptized, it does not mean that they would change their culture right away either.
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