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Actual fight duration in a battle is absurd.

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I recorded some examples of my battles, and it looks like a joke. And ammount of time when i am running is just stupid in comparesing to time of actual fight:
I have 70% melee infantry some archers and few cav.

First exemple:
128 on 130 battle.
Battle duration 3:12
Spend on running to enemy - 1:45 (105 seconds)
Spend on fight - 16 seconds
Spend on chasing a few guys who dont want to give up - 1:01 (61)

Result - 9,7% of time i spend on actual battle - and 92,3% on just running around.

Second example
126 vs 204
Battle duration 2:14.
Spend on running to enemy - 1:20 (80 seconds)
Spend on actual melee fight 14 seconds
Spend on chasing a few guys who dont want to give up - 40 seconds

And again it is less then 10% of time.

It is just freaking joke.

But is it better in huge epic 1500 v 1500 battle? Hell no. It is the same or even worse. In huge battle AI loves to go backward to their spawns, so it is always like:
they move forward, we move backward
we move forward, they move backward
they move forward, we move backward
we move forward, they move backward
Repeat 15 times.

Melee fights are just insanly fast, becouse:
1) Damage vs health balance is broken completly. Any unit dies in one, maximum two hits. Nerf all damage in the game.
2) Blobs and overhead spam. Becouse in blob AI can only spam overheads, hits became even more deadly. Fix the units density and collision.
3) AI doesnt care about defense. All units are frkn Khorne berserkers, who wanna skulls for the skull throne and dont care about their lives. Make AI soldiers care about their lives.
4) Spawn system is really outdated. Add dynamic spawn points that we can see. Or even better - spawn troops right in formation after someone died. Make illusion of nonstop melee grind.
5) Something wrong with morale system. I am tired of chasing few cavalry units.
I think a really big problem is the amount of recruits. They die so fast. All recruits should have shields, and if they can tweak the AI, make them mostly turtle like a real life noob would do when terrified (I also hate myself for using archers to mow down all the recruits and breaking their morale before they even reach my infantry).

I used to spend a lot of time trying to flank, but soon realized it was a waste of time. AI should be really defensive when facing each other in formation, and really should only be aggressive when able to smack enemies from behind or the Attack is sounded.
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