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The Athenian hoplites is active and always looking for new members. and the thursday public (open to all) shieldbattle is still running. Join the Steam group to get announcements! We are hopefully looking to get some larger events as well.

how can i support this mod more i want to let people know about it so more and more people take part in the events
Well, you could first of all tell about it to your friends and get them to play this. and try to get your clanmates and friends from other mods to try this aswell and inform them about events. You could also found a clan with friends and try to get people to join it and this mod.
yes i do wish to join i was in the XVII before mng died so im looking for a good legion that takes part in events

Theres only one event, and i dont think there is a server up yet for the event but we are active when possible.

Steam - Deadlie_shot
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