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Acritica 1257AD
This is a mini sub mod for 1257AD trying to bring in life the atmosphere of the “Acritica” epic medieval songs. Digenes Akritas is the main hero of most of them (
This has to do with some changes regarding almost exclusively the “Basileia ton romaion” faction so for the rest is just the good old 1257AD.
Troop changes:
The main change is the introduction of the “Acrites” mounted heavy Javeliners a fast moving, powerful attack, and fearsome defense tire of troops trying to represent the original “Acrites" as described in the epic medieval tradition.
Historically it is not very accurate but it is to me a possible “what if”
The Byzantine army is somewhat reinforced mostly in terms of cavalry and hi tire troops.
I hope I didn’t exaggerate but in the other hand there is not much reason to try this sub mod if not roleplaying the Byzantines.
Items changes:
I wanted to try an old theory of mine that swords were mostly used to thrust during real combat so I gave to the byzantine swords more thrust. Please test it and express your opinion.
-The 1257AD dev team
-Morgh’s editor
-Subitai (Tweaks for Europe 1200)
Version 1.2​

Little advice: I usually play with the lance recruitment system but for role-play reasons feel free to chose native recruitment.
Form an army of Acrites by recruiting rural levies and ride to glory facing the rides of the enemies of the Empire....

Mainly Cavalarii more powerful (for those who like horse archers) And some equipment changes on Cataphracti mainly aesthetic. A new game required . There are no important changes in game-play so it's up to you. ​

Notes: For some changes to take place you should turn of the "balancing troops option in camp menu" . Enjoy !

Patch 1
Some variety in Acritae helmets. No new game required!

So there is a version that includes all changes, that was left in my files. I thought to share it. I also have to notice that this sub-mod doesn't work with the new enhanced version. so better use the old version of 1257AD. Maybe this one will work but I haven't tested it yet, so it's up to you..,354735.msg8517443.html#msg8517443
I cleaned up the files and re-uploaded. It had some useless copies in it created by the editor engine. My bad. I'm too inexperienced . Use the new files the others might cause some confusion with the equipment of the Cavalarii . Nothing really game-braking anyway. 
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