SP Native [AchMod - v0.1 Beta - SOURCE RELEASED] Achievements for Native.. (v1.011)

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Achievment ideas:
Doublekill! Kill 2 enmies in 3 seconds
Triplekill! Kill 3 enemies in 3 seconds
GODLIKE! Kill 4 enemies in 3 seconds

Ranger of Reyvadin : Kill 20 enemies with headshots and don`t waste 1 arrow in a battle

You like my sword? Kill 20 enmies in a battle with your sword without missing 1 time.

KILLA HORSE! Knock 20 enmies unconscinous with your horse

How do ya play this game? Make your first battle and loose without killing 1 enemy

Looter`s kill : Kill 50 looters
Looter`s? where? : Kill 200 looters
Looter`s? Can`t be, killed em all! : Kill 1000 looters ((50 achievment points for that xD))

My armour is broken! : Fight in a battle and win without wearing any armour

Nord Shieldman : Let your shield brake 20 times
Shiedldestroyer : Destroy 50 shields

When i get more ideas i`ll pm em...names arn`t very good actually^^


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Well only a few more days till cvadar can post again and we can ask him a flood load of questions, like, "When is the next version coming out?" or, "Hey man I love this mod! When is the next version coming out?" You get my point. :grin:

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Wrong Vader, but I did make the PoP achievements which were more sensible I think. And it's not a big deal to code your own, but if someone needs a specific hint where to count specific things in the code, just send a message or ask the Forge.
Ah, sorry. Somehow I have had in mind that it was your old account.
And you are right, it is probably pretty easy, one can also use the steam achievements as orientation. It would only have been nice to see how cdvader created each of them and I was also curious what the mentioned secret achievements are :lol:
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