SP Native [AchMod - v0.1 Beta - SOURCE RELEASED] Achievements for Native.. (v1.011)

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Rize, thank you for your suggestions. I'll see to them once I finish the other stuff.

Well, I managed to fix the crash bug and development is going on nicely again. I'm not too sure what caused it.. but I fixed it nevertheless.

EDIT: I can't stop laughing at PeraIta's Rhocist achievement.. Damn, that's just genious. Anyway, I added 3 new achievements.


v0.1 Beta is released now.

Please post any bugs you find or suggestions you may have into this thread.. or just leave feedback. Thanks!


Howdy Lumos.

Sadly, I won't be modding for long. With monday, studying and other stuff starts again. I'll fix the last bugs and release the source now.


There is one certain bug that I know: while trading Achievement Points for gold through the Tavern Keeper, the displayed message's registers are messed up.

Other then that, I'm glad to hear that.


Haven't tried the rewards yet so i can't say anything on them... But the achievement messages pop up when they are supposed to.


You have looked at the Achievements menu in the Camp, right? Don't forget that one. :grin:


Now, I'm thinking about creating skill/level/attribute based achievements too..


I don't want to create new items.. It has to stay somewhat Native.

So far, yes there's only gold and a plate armor. 1 achievement point is 80 gold. And the plate armor costs 50 achievement points in the new version. But I plan to add horses, weapons and shields too.

I'll release the new version once I have like 10 new achievements done. I have most of them planned out.


Acheivement suggestions.

No Im the King! "Successfully Helped a Claimant retake their kingdom"
Traitor! "Rebeled againest a faction, or renounced your oath"
Protector "Reached 100 Honor" (Put uber high rewards for this kgo :grin:)
Destroyer "Reached 100 negative Honor" (Same as above please kthx)
Ouch my face! "Killed 100 enemies with a headshots using  ranged weapon"
Commander "Became a marshal for more than 2 factions in the entire length of gameplay"
Conquerer "Retire with only one living faction remaining."

More comming soon if you want them :wink:
I specificly like the honor acheivement idea, considering honor is rarely used except in mods like PoP


Just thought of a couple extra  :twisted:

Run cowards! - "Retreat from a battle early or leave soldiers to battle the enemy while the rest of your forces run away"
Assassin - "Completed the assainate the local merchant quest"
OMGWTFBBQ - "Die from a lord or a king without taking any previous damage, in one hit" (Would be good for dueling)


So just a simple list of files modified would be good :wink:
For all the noobies, like me :grin:

Finding exactly where in the file isnt the problem, just the files them selves
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