Need More Info Achievements disabled issue in game version 1.0.1.

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Yes, but I removed mods.


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Hey, you can get the achievements only on campaign mod with cheats disabled and no mods installed.
I was playing the main story. No cheats, no mods. I was playing Ironmod. My character never died. I played for a long time without any problems, a few days ago; The achievements disabled warning started to appear when I open save. Achievements no longer work. It happens all the time, I'm tired of opening new games.
This happened to me too. Though after a while, I noticed I had two background mods still open, something like butter and some configuraiton manager, nothing that affected gameplay.
Same way. I playing the main story. No cheats, no mods. Until some point, the achievements worked, and then suddenly stopped (there are no warnings about disabling achievements on loading). On another save with a different character, the achievements work.

Game version v1.0.2.6150
I have a bug, after i win buttel, Влай Вепрь , he say: I am not allowed to talk with you !
and nothing works more, click to talk and nothing, just stay and whatch this screen. it is not first time, i can't attack peopele with some heroes, maybe something is wrong? or not work, put a time if no answear or click just finish conversation. it will make better.
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