SP - General Access Battle Order Screen at anytime for Set Up

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Knight at Arms
Since we can't set unit divisions in the party screen till some sort of solution is found, how about letting the player go into a battle scene in the middle of map to change battle orders and captains? Maybe its just a set of hot key(s) or a button that activates this but this would be another way to set up formations and captain assignments and maybe some companions could be set to a division with out being a captain this way without relying on the old system in the party screen.

So in the middle of no where the player may feel the need to review their formation so they click the button and then a corresponding battle field is pulled up from the terrain system. Then the player just plays around with what they want so they are prepared for the next battle.
I really want to emphasize being able to put companions in a formation according to them being either an archer, cavalry unit, infantry unit etc. This is something that I know the rest of the players would want sorely especially to prevent companions from dying. Either this screen I suggest or a setting in the clan or party screen that sets them as a unit type. It could even be a dialogue option.
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