About the sharing out of troops in multiple parties battles

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I'm defending Myzea with Myzea's garrison (helping Myzea).

My army has 160 legionaries, 60 Menavliatons and around 80 crossbowmen.

Another party similar to mine (one of my parties who was patrolling the area - and I'm using Party AI Overhaul, so it is approximately composed of 180 infantry and 30 ranged [would need a ratio ranged/melee cause this one is dumb, not the subject here though]), and the garrison's troops.

And I'm given the command of 289 infantry troops and 18 f---g Xbowmen !!!!!! There are a bit more ranged, probably coming from the garrison (whom behaviour I won't comment here...)

What is that dumb sharing out of the troops ??????? in a battle of this size (around 700 vs 700), you do nothing with 18 ranged... rest must come for the garrisson, and will do anything, as always...
Something like 240 infantry / 60 ranged would be a bit more senseful, 18 is senseless...

Edit :
So I finished the battle with my 18 crossbowmen, and commending 380 infantrymen !!!!
Garrison, that, for once, did not run to suicide by charging dumbly, did not help either lol - garrison was given 109 ranged and 83 infantrymen, that is to say that garrison had not enough infantry to protect its own ranged troops, that was not my case lol : 380 inf / 18 ranged lol
Can be ruining for the game... and I'm sure it's known.

A bit like that dumb algorythm that determines that in an encounter of 200 high rank troops vs 20 looters, they can kill 1-2 r5-r6, and not the r1-r2 when there are some. Assuming that, being 20 vs 200 they can kill anything...
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