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It is now almost a month since the newest version went up and with 1.0 released after almost two years of development its time to take things easier as a whole. Since I started my (first) full-time job I have had less time for modding and playing games. And so I have not been very active the last half year. At the same time Eadric, Waedulf and others have become rare guests on the server. Moeck himself as the last  of Hrafnabjóðr with access to the server files decided to take a break after the release.

Without anyone to manage the server on a regular basis things would be in a bad state. Considering the important role of what has come to be the main Vikingr server as well as the responsibility that comes with gathering the donations in the Skattr thread, Eadric, Moeck and I decided that it would be for the best set up a new server in the same spirit of Hrafnabjóðr.

The server should be run by active and reliable people and so we offered Thorkell and Hrotha to found the successor to Hrafnabjóðr, with all the experience and customs of the former but renewed energy, because we think they can provide the community with a stable and active management. Thorkell and Hrotha have accepted the offer and thus it will not be long before we will see the new server. Moeck and I have entrusted the remaining Hrafnabjóðr donations to the new administration, as is just.

And just as for the server we will ensure that the forum is kept in good order regardless of how often Moeck or I will be present. Thorkell and Hrotha stepped up for this as well. We feel they are up to the task and so we requested moderators rights for this sub-forum for them. Both have been around for a long time, organized events and it will also help them with managing the new server thread, such as being able to sticky and un-sticky threads at need and move the occasional misplaced post when necessary.

Congratulations to Thorkell and Hrotha and we wish them the best!


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Whilst I am sure the Fyrnings are just, it was indeed a wise move to spread the authority. Best of luck to you lads. You've earned your rest!
Forsooth, there can hardly be found anyone who is more adequate to the task than Þorkell and Hroþa are. No doubt the community will be fine in their hands. Congratulations to you two!

Möcker and Bassa, you have more than earned a period of rest. Every single one of us owes you a lot. Greatest thanks to you. I bow low to your fabulous work.


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I believe it to be more an official explanation to the said persons absences. Eitherway, I'm glad this transition was done now before it got too late, awkward and difficult to transition to the new "community holders".

Congratulations to Thorkell and Hrotha! :smile: Undoubtedly deserved and and I'm more than confident you will do the mod and it's community justice. To Moecker and Barabas I say good luck in your future endevours and I cannot thank you both enough for your work and effort for bringing to me so many great hours of gaming and enjoyment! :smile:

Thank you.


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Thank you to the past members of the server department for all that you have done for the community!

And congratz and good luck to Thorkell and Hrotha! (good choice)  :smile:


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Thanks for all your hard work during the past few years, Bas and Möck. We'll do our best to carry the torch from now on together with the other admins and the rest of the community. :smile:

And thanks to you guys for your kind words!


I have nothing to say other than thank you! And the mod has been placed in to the worst hands possible (thorkell and hrotha)    :shock:
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