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About the next version...

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No to mention physics will have to be added for body parts the fell down, etc.
Better implement wounds that will be 'overlapped' on character (bloody gashes), + blood that spills on the ground.
armagan said:
Skree said:
What about parties already spawned on water? i have a quest broken for this. Will there be a cheat to make a mission considered "complete"? Or a "teleport to mouse pointer"?
Sorry Skree. Existing savegames won't work with the new version at all. That's why I want to make new version releases far apart and really "worth it".

Ah... ehm... that's why i will use cheats to start in the new version with the exact same character i have left from the previous version. And this is also why i thank you, now, for adding cheats. Normally i would prefer a game with no cheats AT ALL but... in this case... an exception is in order. I would hate to lose my character and starting, again, from scratch :razz: Not for the character "per se", but for all the time and effort i've spent making her.

I don't think there is anything morally wrong in this, is there? (i'm seriously asking everyone for his opinion about using cheats to NOT lose the huge amount of time already spent into this game :razz:)
Well, *I* think that starting again would be not bad. I guess I'll make a javelin user this time :smile:.
armagan said:
I'll try to add blood sometime. Dismemberment... I don't know. Technically it' s possible to chop off heads, hands and boots (since they are seperate meshes). But that's really low priority for me.
I dont know why, but riding past people and louping off there heads with a sword would be really satsifing, well if it didnt happen often.

Also nice one with reducing the speed for the lance to be couched, makes the warhorse a worthwild buy I'd assume now.
Balor said:
Well, *I* think that starting again would be not bad. I guess I'll make a javelin user this time :smile:.

That could be another good idea...changing character. Perhaps i could change from a saber+shield knight to a two hander+bow. Who knows.

The only fact that WILL remain immutable is that this is really a good game :razz:
lance is couched at lower speed.
That actually means that it'll be couched SLOWER, not faster :razz:.
A fact that bugs me. This way, I fear, it will be nigh-useless.
Balor, I and most others read that as 'horse will not need to attain such a high speed to couch the lance'. Which is what it says grammatically and is the logical information to take from that statement.
no. The logical information you'd get from that statement is that all lances are gonna be replaced with teh nuklera javelinz0rz111 of pWnage +3. huzzah!
Oh, doh! I see. Well, *shrugs*. I'm not a translator or something - I've learned English by myself, so it's no wonder that I make mistakes from time to time. Sorry. And so, it's good news indeed :smile:. However, I'm still inclined to think that you should auto-defend with shield when charging :smile:.
I'd like to see sparks when you hit plate and chain just right. Maybe dents and battle damage too . . . but finish what you've started, these are just cosmetic things.
Sparks when hitting chain??! It's made of soft metal, there is no way you can get sparks by hitting chain. Pretty much the same for plates (Perhaps it's possible, but highly unlikely nonetheless. At least, I've never seen something like that.). Helmet hits - now that's possible, I've seen it myself.
It's possible to have sparks then blocked too, and it would be fun indeed. Usually it's a sign of bad blocking skill, though. Edge-to-edge parrying is bad Hollywood stereotype - well, in the hit of combat you may be forced to do that, but properly you should be meeting attacks with flat or back of the blade, or unsharpened thick portion of it (near the hilt).
I'd like to see bigger bets in the tournaments. Tournaments are fun but there's little point for my now because it's so much easier with my own equipment to go slaughter bandits and sell the loot.
Also for a further off update, more depth into the order system would be cool. Like selecting certain unit types, or possibly even formations.
I'd also like to see morale effects in combat. I don't mind it when there's 1 remaining vaegir deserter hell bent on killing me after I've killed the other 35 single handedly, but it would be much better to see him fleeing for his life.
Also i've seen this mentioned before but the war parties need to be more agressive. I hate having a swadian patrol chasing me and a vaegir army just standing by and watching. It would be cool if armies would change targets, too. Rather than following the first vulnerable target they see if they would chase whoever was th easiest to catch and kill.

Oh and one more thing, Armagan, if you could, I registered on the forums with Howzer, but i guess I accidentaly click the wrong I'm 13/not 13 thing, so if there is anything you can do about that please help me. Thanks!
Oh and one more thing, Armagan, if you could, I registered on the forums with Howzer, but i guess I accidentaly click the wrong I'm 13/not 13 thing, so if there is anything you can do about that please help me. Thanks!
I deleted the user Howzer. Hope that helps.
"lance is couched at lower speed."

Could someone explain in more simpler terms what this mean and how it will affect combat?
Currently your character couches his lance when his horse reaches a speed of 6m/sec. In the next verson he'll do that at 5.5m/sec. So couching lance will be easier.
can somebody explain to me how to use the couch lance thing? I've seen it happen, and tried to hit somebody with it, but all that happened was the enemy got pushed aside. The only way i've been able to hit somebody was by clicking and holding.
Thanks armagan, i'm going to go re-register in a minute here.

What you want to do is attack after your lance has been couched, because you will do more damage. Ride around until you get enough speed for it to be lowered, then click and release for devastating damage.
Before trying it in the wild, give it a go in the tournament first, lots of space to play with.

Its pretty hard to hit people, they have to be infront and just a bit to the right, as you dont want to run into them with your horse.

My experience is you press nothing. Just press the up arrow key to charge.

Its really cool when the guy opposite you is charging you with a lance, you couch, and wham! Right in the head. Very sweet.
If there's one command I would like to see in game, it would be an order for your men to switch to ranged weapons if they have them on their person.
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