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Recently, I was modifying the DLL to build a private server.

ServerSide can get every udp-packet form clients,I can see every clients' player moving from ServerView ,but Nothing sent back to Clients at all.

In Clients' View, I see nobody move but client-self, seems like playing single-game. I think UDP-From-Server can't sent the networkpeers' action to any client.

Then , I found that the functions of BeginModuleEventAsServer cannot be accepted by the Client, but the unreliable form of BeginModuleEventAsServer can work.

But if I use Unreliable form of this function, only some basic udp-method like PingReplication can sent to client.The Game's Main-Default-UDP-Function still can not work--------In Clients' View, Player's still can't move.

I want to know how to fix this? I do not think it is a bug, maybe some code deep down depend on the reliable way.But I don't know how to decode the Native.dll to see more? or what ever in the MBAPI...Can somebody help me?
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