About offensive sieges[troops not charging in when gates are breached]

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I didn't find any thread talk about this [maybe I don't know how to search]

I am just wondering if they are planning on fixing or fixed the troops hanging out outside behind or below the siege towers when the door is breached, I play on 1k troop size and I always end up with empty gate except few people coming and dying there while rest of my troops stay below siege tower and is it just me, or they didn't fix siege tower climbing fully, it is differently improved, but only few go up while rest keep waiting I would have found it fine if troops attacked from the clearly open door even after I issue a charge command instead of them going up few at the time and dying.

note : my experience was with 1.7.0, I didn't touch 1.7.1 since there is no new stuff only minor improvements


Fix to the siege towers in the recent patches caused "magnetic effect" on the attacking troops hence they are being taken away from main route to the towers.


Does ordering the battering ram group to charge work? Rather than leaving it to the ai I mean.
Guess not cos even if u order all your troops to charge the siege rams and towers will still have bots assigned to them
u can I think make them go to door if u tell them to follow u and u rush in then tell them to charge, but I am talking fixing it from game side because they just suicide when door is wide open and they go for towers one by one + u might die so u can't make them follow u
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