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I saw in the last dev diary that Bannerlord will see the return of the keep assault after a successful siege.
I really liked this feature, as it was quite exciting, but I feel I must make suggestions as to how it needs improvement over its implementation in Warband.

In Warband, it was a huge frustration that your troops would under no circumstance win if you got downed - which could happen extremely quickly if you were wounded from the siege and you would load into a fight with enemies practically already attacking you. Also you'd have to switch weapons real quick if your main weapon wasn't suitable - e.i. a cavalry lance and a bow aren't useful when guys with axes and shields are coming at you.

Please make sure players can load in and get their bearings before the enemy has a chance to gang up on them. On some maps in Warband, the keep room was tiny and had no cover, so it felt like you were placed into an inevitable loss if there were any strong enemies left, as they'd surround you before you could react.
And please add some option to have a weapon set ready for these kinds of assaults - or just let me use whatever weapon I last held outside the keep? Then I could simply pick up a suitable replacement if I otherwise didn't have a suitable weapon for close-quarters equipped. Or let me choose a load-out, or even which allies to bring in?
Because that's the other issue in Warband - if your Companions were wounded but conscious, they'd still get preference to join keep assaults and immediately get downed, leaving you alone.

Overall - don't make me lose an entire siege I worked hard to win because of unreasonable disadvantages.

(And consider letting my men continue fighting even if I get downed when the enemy is significantly weaker than my men - it's just silly that hardcore, armoured veterans would flee from a couple of peasants because the commander stubbed his toe and lost his last 5 hit points after successfully seizing the walls... But I get that you don't want it to be a no-risk situation, hence the parentheses.)
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