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Hello, overall I have to say that I like quite a bit bannerlord but while in some parts it has advanced a lot from warband on others I feel it is even a step behind and with this I mean on relationships and events, let me explain:

-In warband relationships were on an individual level, meaning that actions such as eloping with a girl, being the friend of your wife's brother while being hated by the father and stuff like that was possible, in bannerlord on the other hand relationships are on a clan level, you want to marry? how good is the relationship with our clan and pay enough, that's all it is.

It isn't bad to have clan relationships, but it is when you make the individual level disappear, in clans there should be fights for power, black sheeps, ambitions... in fact the whole concept of the game is a civil war caused by a fractured empire clan which shows us exactly how clans can end up to, perhaps your brother in the story would be fine about you being the clan leader, but what about his son's ambitions? or your little brother and sister?.

To be fair I would kind of want to point out that marriage is a thing that needs a lot of development, but I will explain about it on the next point.

-What I feel that the mount and blade series always lacked is exactly the crusader kings spirit: If you have played crusader kings you will know what I refer to, but especifically I mean that on the events that happen to you and around the world and the multiple situations and rumours you could hear about. From girls eloping to cheating, manipulation and lies, even more the possibility of poligamy so that a clan could grow faster.

We need events and situations that make the world feel more alive, not just all the war and conflicts. In fact characters should have some "relationships characteristic" that influence their conduct, to give a few examples:

*Passional: He/She can do everything in the name of love, if seduced these type of characters would be able to even go against their own clan to protect his/her loved one. However these type of characters can be quite melancholic when they are a long time without seeing his/her loved one, even more if the flame of love starts to disappear they will cheat on their partners quite easily if seduced.

*Ambitious: He/She can do everything in the name of power, they want to feel in power in their own clan and can easily create internal conflicts if their husband/wife isn't the head of the clan. They will only betray their husband/wife if they get disappointed in them for not matching their own ambitions.

*Amorous: He/She just loves to have relationships with others, they tend to be bad wifes/husbands albeit it can be a good trait for some characters that need to expand the family tree and they won't break their marriage cause of cheating.

*Warlord: He/She can't just stay on a city, they feel like a fish in the water when they are fighting against enemies, they tend to dislike family matters however if they are able to keep doing what they like by fighting enemies when they meet their husband/wife they will be really passional.

*Traditional: He/She will only marry the one that the clan chooses for them, traditional characters have extreme dislike towards women fighting on the battlefield, a traditional woman will outright deny having an army or going to the battlefield while a traditional man will fully dislike his wife fighting in the battlefield. They are absolutely loyal to their husband/wife, however breaking the traditions can easily break up their marriage.

I don't mean that it gets applied to the player too, but you know, expansions such as this would make for more variety of conflicts and reasons to start a war, stuff like x noble seducing the wife of another, y noble eloping... to be fair the problem that mount and blade always had is that the only interesting thing is war and the causes are... outright boring. I feel like the game needs to spice things up getting back even the duels for love.

-On another point it would be nice that we could execute children and wives of enemy clans, if we hate each other to death then I feel its appropiate to go to the point of full extermination of the other's clan, getting reduced penalties for executing lord and their families when they are at a point of pure hate (you will only lose relationship with honourable characters and nobles that were friends with them or part of the same kingdom.

Overall what I would hope is for a more alive bannerlord world, it's nice the constant war but relationships problems and issues would be nice to have. Even more the related missions derivated from it, like a noble asking you to get back his daughter that has eloped with a peasant/noble (the difficulty being higher if it's a noble of course) or asking you to capture a certain character so that they can execute him.
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