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Thinking about diplomacy while besieging Thractorae Castle.

Maybe to be moved to the suggestion section of the forum, if ever they are taken in count :wink:

When we help some lords for a siege or battle, they often speak to us after the battle, thanking us, in concrete terms leading to an improvement of the relation.

In this case, an army comes to help me, led by Talas, that would be cool if I could thank him after the siege, maybe even giving him either money or troops, and having an impact on our relation.

By the way the relation score with looks more as if it is judging us, is that score to be understood as if it goes in the two directions (us and the lord)? In other words we could like a lord more than he does, we could like a lord who hates us, or hate a lord who likes us. That would require two scores, one for us to the lord and one for the lord to us.
I'm saying that, cause when help a lord, our relationship increases, if later the same lord steals us a town or castle, the relationship decreases, but, we are not responsible for the decision of that lord to besiege our settlement ! :wink:

Your opinion? That topic has probably already been raised by the way.

Have a good day.
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