About diplomacy and rebel cities allow them to join us again via money etc.

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Allow us send messengers
Make peace treaties longer
Allow us to kick clans once more(dif culture ones higher rate and same culture clans with lower rate)
Allow NPC s to vote good laws. Right now they dont vote useful ones and they usually just vote veryyyyyyyyyyyy rarely
When u release a prisoner in your party menu gain relationship
When u execute a noble from different kingdom just lose relationship with the enemy kingdom NOT UR OWN KINGDOM
Allow rebelled cities to join us again via paying their leader for city or offering their clan lordship and the property itself(to balance that allow them to join u rarely like %20)
Allow us to giving money and taking less tax from cities to protect properties' loyalty

I just hope someone on your team reads these suggestions because from updates and forum posts i see no devs taking interest on what the players here write. Most of these things arent that difficult and wont even effect balance that much and definetly wont even hard to implement from what we see from modders. Base game will decide how many people will buy this game's dlc and even game itself because still there is warband players that didnt buy the game because of dissatisfaction of lack of content in the game right now.
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