About couch lances.

Do you think couch lances need a nerf?

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Now I was one of the fanatic people who supported couch lances to viable again after the nerf and couch lances did get viable again but the current position of it is just funny.
Every noob who has only bought the game an hour ago can press x and "haha lance go whoosh" type of **** and score an easy kill. It's super easy to use a couch lance it's unbelievable. You will see this at normal skirmishes, 9/10 matches there is a braindead dude who just spawns as heavy cav first round and proceeds to wreck chaos amongst the enemy by rushing their spawn and couch lancing unsuspecting people. Most of the time it results in that said braindead dying but they will take a kill with them, making both sides mad.
Why everyone can just press x and circle around the map in couch lance stance until they hit someone, be it friendly or enemy(I've been couch lanced in the back by friendlies so much it's ridiculous)??
There NEEDS to be a couch lance stance time limit like 5 seconds or something so it's not something a monkey can do with ease. Couch lance needs to be time based.
I know couch lances are not used that much in tournaments but "We take all skirmish stats as base" said the devs so...


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As a cav main, absolutely agree with thread and I've been proclaiming similar things ever since the buff, glad to see someone else has converted to the cause :smile:


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Way too easy to twist and turn at high speeds with a couched lance, not to mention you can couch it within half a milisecond without a cooldown to couch it again right after killing someone.

Couching should be high risk high reward, being forced to couch mostly in a straight line or you lose momentum

Atm you can run around the map with your brain turned off with a couched lance until your horse gets one tapped by an xbow or javelin
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