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Able to stab while holding shield out

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This would be a really simple quality of life ability, to be able to 'poke' a low damage stab while keeping your shield out in front of you. It would allow formations to not simply melt away and die super fast, and have a sustained battle. At current you can't attack without swinging your shield away like a counterweight, it is highly unrealistic. And I get it's for balance but it would give formations some weight, and put more empthasis on flanking.
+1, this would make shield walls actually viable as combat formations

This is also exactly how the Greeks and Romans did so well in combat, and currently Imperial troops are pretty lacklustre - legionaries get domed by falxmen, archers lose to bandits, cataphracts can't even combat sturgian brigands etc
You could also have it so that two handed pikes had a knock back effect by default, no perk necessary allowing them to hold the line by their repeated stabs, regardless of whether the attacker has his shield up or not. And brace spears for infantry pls, like a reversed couched lance! Can't be too difficult to get the ai to brace just before cavalry hit. Cavalry just pass through my infantry line like they're nothing.
Especially with polearms.

Polearms on foot feel extremely clunky you especially notice this in tournaments.
True. Melee fights are simply too fast. Since the contact of two armies there is 30 seconds and the huge battle is over. One side, hundreds of warriors, is slaughtered in a blink of an eye.
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