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Ability to give away your fiefs (or for auction/vote) when Ruler

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It would be better if you, as the ruler, could gift vassals your fiefs. For a variety of reasons:
A. Keep clans that you have convinced to join you (assuming they didn't automatically bring their settlements from before), without having to declare war and seize territories (most important when you just created your new kingdom, without using the main quest's 'Forgive me, I'm just taking your stuff' (quest stage makes it so that the kingdom you got your first territories from are forgiven, with no consequences, in one playthrough, I captured Diathma, Rhesos, then went to Empire Spy lady for the next stage of quest, which brought peace).

B. You want to better allocate fiefs (I try to keep some clans from getting fiefs that are incredibly far apart, thinking about patrols).

C. After gaining a few more castles and towns, you wish to give up one or more so you can focus your attentions on certain areas or give it to another clan. No longer want the fief.
(Omor was good while I had minimal territories in order to stockpile elite, top-tier troops), but after taking much of formerly Southern Empire and all of the North Empire, its too far in the middle of what has been for me so far a strategically dead area (Sturgia is nursing its permanently lamed ability to wage war in current playthrough, as most lords have left it, and only South Empire occasionally wages war on it).
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