EU Duel Completed ?ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)?

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I mean if anyone would announce that they would stream their duels we would support it as well but I don't think it's worth the hustle for a 10-15 min at max duel.
Thanks guys! I assume no one also interested in recoding duels and uploading to youtube because of same reason, right? I know community interest is not huge because the game is SP and in still EA etc. but anyway, if anyone in the deciding phase and see my messages, please at least try that, you might be reason people watching Bannerlord. :smile:
Default thanks!


And the winner is....
*insert drumroll*

You fought well and defeated all your Opponents, so take this glorious Medal​

Second Place for an astounding performance goes to


You only lost to Inspire during this entire tournament and i hope to see you participate again next time!

The third place goes to the one and only


Congratulations to your third place!

Thanks to everyone for participating in ABCD, there will definitely be a next one,
maybe with a different concept/ tournament system.
I hope to see you all again soon for the

-Your ABCD Admin Team, Hoonii and Lars​
After an (admittedly) absurdly long tournament which I was originally expecting for it to finish mid-BEAST latest, we have finally concluded the tournament.

I confess that we took way more players than we needed but if I am completely honest I was expecting max 15 players to even sign up and the community completely surpassed my expectations so you all have my thanks. I am absolutely flattered and I am happy that my first tournament hosting ended up being a fine one.

I am also happy that there have been no major issues whatsoever.

I would like to give my huge thanks to Lars for being a great admin as he undertook the whole responsibility for the tournament from the middle part to the end(since my studies have started) and helped me in early stages.

We will definitely revise and make the tournament better for when we host ABCD#2, maybe even consider getting more admins, but we cannot give a set date yet, all I know is that it just won't happen for quite a while.


Thank you Lars and Hoonii for the tournament. Very well organized :smile:
Well-done tourney, cool admins, great community. Keep up the good vibe.
Thank you for your kind words, we definitely tried our best.
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