EU Duel Completed ?ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)?

Added to Calendar: 15/08/21

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Next deadline for Winners 3rd bracket: 5th of September, 21 BST
Next deadline for Losers 1st and 2nd Bracket: 5th of September 21 BST

Note: There is still an unfought duel in losers first bracket, that duel is also included in the deadline so either Aprikosenmann or Mexicano will have 2 duels to fight until 5th of September. For these members only, since they must fight 2 duels in 1 week, an extra of 3 days instead of the usual 2 can be given as extension if requested.
@OneClips Pod @/ratmaN/ @Mexican Jesus @Aprikosenmann @Horatius @Siberia @Sharky1510
are hereby disqualified from the ABCD for not having their duels by the deadline even though it was extended and they were reminded through both here and Discord multiple times.
Thus St1myl, Crus, Teugata and Neyth are getting a default win.
The Challonge table will be adjusted accordingly tomorrow.
I added my opponent after the reminder but he didnt accept and then i informed lars.
Since Mexicano seems not to read forum, nor be online on steam I would want to claim a default win.
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Next deadline for Winners 4th bracket: 12nd of September, 23 BST
Next deadline for Losers 3rd Bracket: 12nd of September, 23 BST

Sharky-Siberia and Mexicano-Aprikosenmann duels are still under debate, rest have been disqualified from the tournament.

I also would like to thank Donneto and aran_w for being easy to work with.
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